Withdrawal is cashing out of the individual bank account in the online-casino to the personal bank card, e-purse or other services of the financial assistance.

Winning ticket

Winning ticket - a winning bet. It is most often used in terms of an accumulator, although sometimes it means a single bet or a system. A synonym for the term is the word "return".


Win is one of the outcomes of betting. Monetary or material reward payable to a participant in a gambling game.


Wild is a special sign in the slot machines enabling to substitute any symbol for winning combination making.


Wager is a multiplier which shall be taken into account during bonuses winning back in order to get money reward. This term often means the availability of the other restrictions too.


Value means the odds increased by the bookmaker. It can be identified by the players themselves.


V.I.P. is a very important person. This person has the special privileges in certain gambling hall, physical or online-casino.


Underlay is a professional term which is common in the field of bookmaker’s bets. This is unprofitable bet the winning amount for which is lower than the probability of the chosen result of the event.


Underdog is an athlete who is not in a good shape, often loses. Bookmakers often offer favourable odds on them, however, it is unprofitable to bet on the "underdog", as it will most likely bring losses


Trend is a certain pattern characteristic of a tournament, match, athlete, and sometimes of a kind of sport. Trends are now calculated using a computer. They help choosing good teams and clubs and therefore shaping a winning strategy over the long term.


Total is a type of bet when a bettor tries to predict the total number of goals scored, games, points, etc. It may look like this: "The score is more than 3". The bettor wins if the result is a 3:1 score.


Tipster is an expert in sports events and analytics. He studies the situation in tournaments, makes forecasts, and provides advice to beginners and experienced bettors.

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