Withdrawal is cashing out of the individual bank account in the online-casino to the personal bank card, e-purse or other services of the financial assistance.


Wild is a special sign in the slot machines enabling to substitute any symbol for winning combination making.


Wager is a multiplier which shall be taken into account during bonuses winning back in order to get money reward. This term often means the availability of the other restrictions too.


V.I.P. is a very important person. This person has the special privileges in certain gambling hall, physical or online-casino.


Underlay is a professional term which is common in the field of bookmaker’s bets. This is unprofitable bet the winning amount for which is lower than the probability of the chosen result of the event.

Time Cut

Time Cut is a period within which the gamer has to make a decision. As a rule, Time Cut is equal to no more than 3 minutes and shall be set by the dealer for dynamic development of the gameplay.

Thrill of the competition

Thrill of the competition is an emotional state related to high-level excitement and enthusiasm from the coming success. This emotion is more frequently caused by the games with the commercial component.


Showdown takes place at the end of the card game for comparison of the combinations of the gamblers. This term is more frequently used in poker.


Shoe is a special device for the physical casino. The pack of shuffled cards is inserted into the shoe, and then the cards will be handled from it.


Shark is a strong gambler. This term often means people who understate their knowledge and gambling abilities in order to get the best of lack of experience of other people.

Psychic bid

Psychic bid is a behavior creating the opponent’s impression which is contrary to the reality. For example, you have the losing combination on hand but your behavior evidences the opposite.

Pattern deck

Pattern deck is a pack of cards which were marked by the malefactor for the purpose of reaping the benefit, fraud against the other process actors or dealer.

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