Account is a block of data entered by the user during registration on one or another digital resource. This information is necessary for further identification of person in the system.


Action is an amount of money put by the customer, or the total amount of money which passed through casino within the certain period of time.

Active line

Active line is a key straight line in the video slots in which the certain number of symbols shall match for money prize getting.


Add-On is a term in poker which means the additional purchase of chips at the certain stage of the game. Such option is available for the customers not in all tournaments.

Advantage game

Advantage game is an abstract term which means that the customer plays against the casino. So, these are the games in which the user takes the advantage over the gambling establishment due to calculated mathematical operations.


Affiliate is a person or company dealing with redirecting the customers to the certain resources with the use of the marketing instruments. Affiliate is carried out at extra charge.


After-goalers are the people speculating in live. They bet immediately after goals are scored, thereby keeping the odds, since are not updated so quickly. Bookmakers usually make a refund and restrict access for regular after-goalers.


Ante is a compulsory bet in poker which has to be made by each gambler sitting at the table before cards handling. Sometimes this term is used in other games.


Arrears is a situation in which a bettor has not received enough profit from a winning bet. There may be several reasons: bettor's mistakes (most often, being inattentive), deception on the part of the bookmaker, including price underestimation or the cancellation of a bet, an accumulator.


Attendant is a person who is in the gambling hall and works with the customers. He explains the gambling rules, withdrawal and replenishment of the account.

Average odds

Average odds is an indicator calculated as the total of all the odds that the bettor has ever bet on, divided by the number of bets. It indicates the level of risks that the bettor works with. For example, a value greater than 3 indicates an interest in high-risk games.

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