Baccara is a card game the aim of which is to score the maximum number of points, using two or three cards. There are many versions of baccara with the same main aim but with some differences in the points, number of gamblers etc.

Back Betting

Back Betting is a game strategy. Back Betting is based on putting own chips to the chips of the other gamblers rather than making own bets.

Back lining

Back lining is a strategy based on the choice f the best moment for the bet. For example, the gamer keeps an eye on the roulette and makes black bet only when red bet comes up 5 or more straight times.


Balance is a wide-ranging concept. In gambling this term means the total amount of monetary means with which the customer plays at this moment.


Bankroll is a total amount of money allocated for the gambling games at this moment. This term is used both for physical and online-gambling.

Betting limits

Betting limits is a professional term which means restriction to the number of bets accepted with the maximum and minimum amounts in one or another game, and sometimes also for certain gambler.

Black list

Black list is a banned list. It may be common and individual. This list includes the person for which the access to the gambling hall is restricted for whatever reason.


Blackjack is a popular card game. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer, scoring as many points as possible but no more than 21. The number of the packs of cards which may be used during cards handling varies from 1 to 8.

Bonus Hunter

Bonus Hunter is a person who hunts for the bonuses in various casinos in order to get-rich-quick. Such actions are considered to be fraud sometimes.


Bookmaker is a professional bettor. This person focuses on the acceptance of the monetary bets with pre-established odds for sport, horse races or other gambling games.

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