Odds shortening

Odds shortening - reduction of odds for any event. This is due to its popularity. A large number of people are betting on one outcome. Due to such an amount of funds, the bookmaker has to reduce the odds.


Operator is a financial company or natural person granting access to the slot machines, cards or other types of gambling games.


Outcome means the outcome of an event, according to the results of which the winning or losing is determined. The outcomes are major (a win or a draw) and minor (the number of goals, totals and other features of the match).


Outside bets are the red/black, even/odd and other roulette bets. As a rule, the layouts for placement of such chips are located outside of the main playing area.


Outsider is a user or a team who is not able to achieve success from the perspective of the others. When it comes to the team, the highest odd is given to it.

Over time

Over time is in added time. This term is used in soccer, as well as in relation to casino employees. For example, when there is a lack of staff in the new shift, the working hours of acting dealer, security guards and other professionals shall be extended.


Overbetting is a risky strategy, meaning betting large amounts of money, often all the money the bettor has (that is, staking all). The reason for it is often the desire to quickly recoup. Most of such bets are made at low odds.

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