Scandinavian draw

Scandinavian draw is a game in which teams come to a draw. The peculiarity of the draw is that a third party is not satisfied in such a situation. The term appeared in 2004 after the European Championship, when the Italian team dropped out due to a draw in the game between Denmark and Sweden.


Scout means an employee of a bookmaker's office who attends matches. The task of a scout is to be present at the game, watch the event and perform a continuous risk analysis. All this actions are live.


Shark is a strong gambler. This term often means people who understate their knowledge and gambling abilities in order to get the best of lack of experience of other people.


Shoe is a special device for the physical casino. The pack of shuffled cards is inserted into the shoe, and then the cards will be handled from it.

Short price

Short price - an event quotation, where the probability of winning is indicated lower than actual figures. As a rule, bookmakers do this on purpose, artificially reducing the performance of strong teams, on which a lot of bets are made.


Showdown takes place at the end of the card game for comparison of the combinations of the gamblers. This term is more frequently used in poker.


Skip means a refusal to make bets. This option is chosen if it is difficult to predict the outcome of an event. Beginners rarely "skip" games, while experienced bettors are rather selective about matches, focusing on the ones providing a chance to win only.

Small Market

Small Market is a market segment in which the maximum betting limits are very low. Small Markets are common for unpopular sports, small competitions, and specific lines.


Strategy means a plan for managing entries that is included in the betting system for a long time. A good strategy considers risks and tries to minimize them. This allows not only to receive money from a specific event, but also to create a long winning line.


System is a complex betting type, enhancing the likelihood of winning. It includes a set of accumulators of the same amount and can be considered a super-accumulator.

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