Teaser is a type of wager popular in American betting. It implies the possibility of shifting the total in favour of the bettor. The likelihood of winning increases, but the amount of the prize money will be smaller.

Thrill of the competition

Thrill of the competition is an emotional state related to high-level excitement and enthusiasm from the coming success. This emotion is more frequently caused by the games with the commercial component.


Tilt means affective state in betting. A better is emotional and thus makes risky bets that are usually not peculiar to him or her. Tilt can be caused by an unusual position on the field, wins and defeats.

Time Cut

Time Cut is a period within which the gamer has to make a decision. As a rule, Time Cut is equal to no more than 3 minutes and shall be set by the dealer for dynamic development of the gameplay.


Tipster is an expert in sports events and analytics. He studies the situation in tournaments, makes forecasts, and provides advice to beginners and experienced bettors.


Total is a type of bet when a bettor tries to predict the total number of goals scored, games, points, etc. It may look like this: "The score is more than 3". The bettor wins if the result is a 3:1 score.


Trend is a certain pattern characteristic of a tournament, match, athlete, and sometimes of a kind of sport. Trends are now calculated using a computer. They help choosing good teams and clubs and therefore shaping a winning strategy over the long term.

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