Shoe is a special device for the physical casino. The pack of shuffled cards is inserted into the shoe, and then the cards will be handled from it.


Shark is a strong gambler. This term often means people who understate their knowledge and gambling abilities in order to get the best of lack of experience of other people.


ROI stands for return on investment. In betting, it means the player efficiency and results. When assessing the bettor's professionalism, it is important to consider not only his or her ROI, but also the total number of bets. A reliable indicator is obtained when considering figures from 100, preferably from 500.

Public bet

Public bet is the outcome that many people have staked on. The world's best teams and top athletes are the selection. For many, winning is obvious, but there are many examples of resounding defeats, this is why experienced bookmakers won't bet on such events.

Psychic bid

Psychic bid is a behavior creating the opponent’s impression which is contrary to the reality. For example, you have the losing combination on hand but your behavior evidences the opposite.


Proxy is a bettor gambling not for himself or herself, but on behalf of a third person, betting this person's money. Customer is a person who, due to certain circumstances, cannot or does not want to engage in betting on its own.

Profit margin

Profit margin is the bookmaker's earnings. This amount is considered when calculating the odds, and it does not depend on the outcome of the event. The margin allows the company to exist and is used for its growth. The lower the ratio, the greater the margin.

Play money mode

Play money mode is a gambling option when digital cash is used. They cannot be withdrawn or exchanged, therefore representing the safest form of gambling. The "play money" can be conventional monetary units or virtual currencies, for example, dollars.

Pattern deck

Pattern deck is a pack of cards which were marked by the malefactor for the purpose of reaping the benefit, fraud against the other process actors or dealer.


Parlay is generally understood to be a bilateral agreement stating that one of the parties must pay a monetary reward in the event of a loss. In betting, wagering is betting money.


Overbetting is a risky strategy, meaning betting large amounts of money, often all the money the bettor has (that is, staking all). The reason for it is often the desire to quickly recoup. Most of such bets are made at low odds.

Over time

Over time is in added time. This term is used in soccer, as well as in relation to casino employees. For example, when there is a lack of staff in the new shift, the working hours of acting dealer, security guards and other professionals shall be extended.

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