Kick back

Kick back – cashback – is a repayment of interest of the monetary means which were lost within the certain period of time.


Junket is a kind of recreational tourism for the purpose of attraction of new customers to the gambling establishments. The casino provides the following free services for the tourists during the travel: hotel assignment, transfer, and food.


Jackpot is a maximum winning amount available in certain game or slot machine. This bonus is ever-increasing attracting new customers.


Insider is a person who, by virtue of his position, is specializing in gambling. This can be a coach or an athlete. An insider is provided with information affecting the outcome of the match. The insider can pass it on to the inner circle of people.

High roller

High roller is a player betting large amounts of money. As a rule, bookmakers meet the needs of such bettors, increasing the limits and offering more favourable odds.


Hedging is a concept that came from stock trading. It includes a kind of insurance, which consists in changing the stake to the opposite outcome. As a rule, this is done live. In this way, experienced players increase the likelihood of winning.


Hat-trick is a term used to describe a situation on the field, when 3 goals are scored by one player. The results of one game are taken into account.


Handicap is a synonym for an "advantage". A necessary advantage, providing the opponent with an opportunity to win or not to lose. When making bets, a bookmaker sets negative values for its favourites and positive ones for the opponents.

Half time/full time

Half time/full time - means a wager placed on the outcome of the first or second half (final outcome) of the match. Example: W1/W2, where in order to win the team must win in both halves.


Gambling is a game of fortune and chance (usually it is a money or other material values play), the result of which depends on the luck rather than the skills of the player.


Gambler is a person who prefers to grow excited and to get the adrenaline rush during gambling for real money. In some sources the gambler is the high-class poker player.

Gamble away

Gamble away - means to lose. One gambles away when the bet is unsuccessful and loses. It leads to a loss of game balance.

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