Friendly is a friendly match. Analysts advise against betting on it. The point is that teams are experimenting with playbooks and lineups, so winning is not crucial to them. Friendlies take place at the beginning of the season, at pre-tournaments.


Free bet is a bonus given by a bookmaker for registration. This implies betting free of charge. To withdraw it, you need to meet certain conditions. Often this implies a specified number of wagers made.


Flat is a betting strategy. It implies a very prudent approach, when small amounts of money are used in betting, often no more than 15% of the player's entire bank.


Edge is another word for a handicap. This is a type of bet when the point gap between the winning and losing teams is indicated. Negative handicaps are set for favourites, positive - for underdogs, which makes the chances even.


Dutching is a betting strategy, when a bettor stakes on multiple alternative outcomes. This provides a high probability of making a profit. Unlike the arbitrage, there is a range of possible losses.

Drag-out fight

Knock-down drag-out fight is a match, in which strong and motivated opponents take part. Bettors try to stake no wagers in such games, since it is almost impossible to predict the outcome.


Discard is a pack of cards which is not used in hands. This term is usually applied in baccarat and blackjack.


Decal is a method of indirect print. In gambling it means the inscription on the chip specifying its nominal value or casino logo.


Dealer is one of the employees of the gambling establishment who keeps an eye on the process, handles cards and controls the course of the game.


Credit is a method of credit (loan) granting to certain persons. The loan debtor receives the amount of money or set of chips; however, the debt obligations and disbursement or indebtedness limit are imposed on this person. The amount of debt shall be documented.

Change cards

Change cards is a substitution of one cards for the other with the help of the dealer. This option is available only in some types of games, for example, in poker.

Cancelled bet

Cancelled bet is a transaction carried out by the casino in the event of game cancellation or occurrence of the other extraordinary situations.

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