Camera man is an employee of the security service who monitors the situation in the hall with the use of video surveillance camera. This person is responsible for the recording and reporting on any violations revealed.


Bottom - an event outcome with a lower total. A bottom match or tournament means a below-average result. For football it is less than 2.5, for hockey - less than 4.5, for tennis - less than 20.5.


Bookmaker is a professional bettor. This person focuses on the acceptance of the monetary bets with pre-established odds for sport, horse races or other gambling games.

Bonus Hunter

Bonus Hunter is a person who hunts for the bonuses in various casinos in order to get-rich-quick. Such actions are considered to be fraud sometimes.


Blackjack is a popular card game. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer, scoring as many points as possible but no more than 21. The number of the packs of cards which may be used during cards handling varies from 1 to 8.

Black list

Black list is a banned list. It may be common and individual. This list includes the person for which the access to the gambling hall is restricted for whatever reason.

Betting limits

Betting limits is a professional term which means restriction to the number of bets accepted with the maximum and minimum amounts in one or another game, and sometimes also for certain gambler.

Betting limits

Betting limits - the limits imposed on bettors by a bookmaker. Most often, these are very successful betters who only bring losses, as well as speculators, including those who like to make sure bets. When imposing a limit, the maximum bet is reduced, as well as the odds.

Bet return

Bet return - getting a bet returned, less often - getting a win with the odds of 1. It takes place immediately after the end of the match. The reason may be the event cancellation or delay, as well as errors in setting the odds and indicators.


Bankroll is a total amount of money allocated for the gambling games at this moment. This term is used both for physical and online-gambling.


Balance is a wide-ranging concept. In gambling this term means the total amount of monetary means with which the customer plays at this moment.


Backsliding is a negative dynamics in game statistics. Backsliding is a situation when a series of successful bets is interrupted, and the bettor starts losing money, getting into the "bad luck streak".

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