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10 secrets of successful betting

Each better dreams of outplaying the sports-betting firm and getting large amount of money by means of sports betting. However, only the minimum number of gamblers may achieve this. There are few secret formulae which may lead to success. We will find out today the rules which one should observe, and whether it is possible to win through the use of them.

10 secrets of successful betting

Only meaningful actions

The bets brook no negligence. Only those persons, who take the game as real profession, rather than opportunity to get rich quickly, may achieve a success. The following facts point to understanding of the gamblers' actions by him/her:

  • availability of the game and financial strategies;
  • cooperation with the reliable companies;
  • identification realistic goals and the terms of their accomplishment;
  • disregard of doubtful tournaments.

Focus on certain sport

Today the bets on various events, including not only sports events are accepted. For example, the bookmaker’s facilities offer to guess which actor will play the certain role. However, well-experienced gamblers avoid participation in such events due to the fact that the probability of the winner identification without availability of special knowledge is rather remote.

The better shall not get distracted and to make bets on little-known sports, even if there are no high-profile events in the areas in which they usually make a play. The knowledge of the special aspects of certain sport courses, particular nature of teams or individual participants enables to calculate the factor of probability of occurrence of the certain result most exactly. This means that the probability of victory increases dramatically.

Regard of odds

Well-experienced gamblers never work with only one bookmaker’s facility. They usually have the entire list of the entities with which they cooperate closely. The reason is rather simple – the range of odds for the same result.

It is not unusual when one sports-betting firm gives, for example, 1.87, and the other gives 1.93. This situation may be caused by the mistake of the analysts, promotion action, or the company policy. Naturally, it is profitable to make a bet in the bookmaker’s facility offering the higher odd.

However, there is one subtle aspect – the company shall necessarily be reliable. In many cases the higher odd is a ploy of frauds who try to attract inexperienced gamblers. So, it is important to review the licenses of the company selected and to read the comments of the gamblers who cooperate with it already before betting.

Knowledge of theory of probability

Mathematics, statistics and other similar sciences are the principal assistants of the betters along with the knowledge of the sports and special features of the teams and players who take part in the competition. Their laws also apply to the world of bets.

For example, the knowledge of mathematics will help to calculate the odd for certain event, and the statistics and theory of probability will enable to calculate the approximate probability of occurrence of lucky or lost series, as well as their duration.

Dispersion and its influence on bets profitability

Dispersion is a scatter between real results obtained during betting and the expected results. Regardless of the fact that the concept was considered to be particularly mathematical initially, the modern betters shall know necessary about it. Let's explain what dispersion is by giving an example.

It is known that the probability of each side coming up is equal to 50% during tossing the perfect coin. However, that doesn’t happen very often in practice. For example, heads may come up 7 times, and tails may come up 4 times. However, the oftener the gambler tosses the coin, the more the result evens out, approaching dearest 50/50.

This rule is also valid for betting. The probability of victory does not increase next time in the event that the gambler lost on the one and the same bet. Even well-experienced betters infatuated with the idea of chasing losses often forget about it. As a result, they lose rather large amounts of money. It is better stop and to analyze the situation in the event that the bets don't hit. Maybe, it is necessary to change the strategy or to abandon the game for the moment in order to renew the knowledge.

There is no reliable information

It is impossible to predict the result exactly and to give 100% warrant that the bet will hit. Even will-experienced better can't cope with it. There are too many factors influencing on the course of sports events.

There are regular situations when the bookmaker’s facilities give the high odds for the result initially, but the real probability of such result is 50% and more. The much-fancied team may change in a few minutes, and this proves that even the bookmaker’s analysts may be mistaken, needless to say about the betters. So, there is no point to take the declarations about 100% predicted result at face value.

Use of value-betting

The better usually thinks in the following way: “I feel certain that team A will get the victory, so I will bet on it”. However, it is important to get used to think in a different manner. It is necessary to evaluate the frequency of victories of team A under other equal conditions. So, you should think in the following way: “Team A will become much-fancied in 8 cases from 10 upon condition of preservation of current composition of both teams, availability of certain weather conditions etc.". This is value-betting.

Then the odds of the sports-betting firms shall be valued and the break-even odd shall be calculated, for which purpose one is divisible by the percent of wins, in the abovementioned case it is equal to 0.8. In other words, it is desirable to make a bet under the indicator 1.25 and more. The more accurate the prior evaluative judgments are, the more winning the bet is.

Development of ability to lose away

Losses happen even in the history of well-experienced betters, and there are series of misfortunes from the cappers making the forecasts. It is worth to take such events in stride. As the theory of probability says, the chance of striking a bad patch is as great as the opportunity to have the streak of luck.

Go easy on the accumulators

The more bets are collected; the higher is the probability to become the unsuccessful party. As a matter of fact, not only the odds are multiplied in the accumulator, but also the risks and the sports-betting firm edge are raised. The small accumulators including 2-3 matches are the top choice.

Don't hope for the sole bet

One should not put the bank on one event, even if the result is logical. Firstly, the odd is usually low in such a case. Secondly, one should not reject the chance of the other result occurrence because money will be thrown away in doing so.

Observing the simple rules, improving the knowledge and gaining experience, it is possible to make great progress in betting. What’s most important is not to lose patience and pursue the intended purpose steadily.


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