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Online Casino Platform: Types and Benefits

The speed of development of the iGaming industry is rapidly growing. At the same time, participants find new solutions and create various innovative developments.

Online Casino Platform: Types and Benefits

Casino software is one of the main elements for bookmakers because they have conditions that create a convenient, reliable basis for developing your online casino.

The Importance of Online Casino Platforms

Platforms are the foundations for any playground. They allow you to do the following things:

  • add original games;
  • accept gamblers;
  • accrue bonuses;
  • manage user accounts;
  • set limits on bets;
  • organize tournaments.

A lot depends on what software and supplier will be chosen. A stable and reliable program should have thoughtful, smart CRM and PAM, high-quality, attractive, engaging content, faithful compliance, and service support.

What are the Ways to Create an Online Casino

Several universal development methods involve obtaining a fully automatic product and purchasing a ready-made sublicense. The main options are shown below:

  • Full construction. It involves creating a backbone and all the necessary tools to provide standard functions. The advantages include complete control of the resulting code, management of the gambling process, applications, and no additional expenses.
  • Sublicensed options. An operator buys a franchise and immediately removes the long, complicated process of creating a site. It is enough to register a domain and rent hosting. Ready-made templates are provided by the franchisor, which significantly reduces the cost. The benefit lies in constant updating.
  • Script implementation. CMS is the most budgetary and easiest way to open a gambling business. The script is a ready resource for its performance in the casino. You can't trust free scripts because these materials can be raw and have to be finalized. Also, there is another problem — spies use them and can steal and transfer gamblers' personal data.

Popular Software from the Inbet Service

Our company provides professional software for gaming and betting companies. Our product list includes gaming software, phone applications, casino sites, sports programs, and terminals.

You can use our products separately or in combination to open your own business. We offer to work with White Label, API integration, or Weblima. They can be used both together and separately.

White Label

White Label is an online casino platform that allows you to create a unique site in your style. You can open your brand with original design and content and interact with players from all over the world. It does not need to apply technical support or transaction processing aspects.

Such a platform combines API integration, Web client, CMS, convenient SDK (JavaScript), and HTML5 configuration. The main benefit of using White Label is that its software will help you to develop and manage your website efficiently without distracting you from other important tasks.

Therefore, we offer a White Label solution that allows you to manage your brand under its license. It is helpful if you want to create your online casino. White Label is a ready-made service where you can do a successful business in the gambling industry.


Weblima is easy to use and has a great design that you can customize according to your needs. The software product is the best solution for bookmakers, land-based betting shops, gaming halls, and retail outlets.

Weblima is powerful, flexible, and secure, unlike open-source programs. It offers all the extra features along with control over your brand.

This software takes a modular approach that allows you to create your unique brand without paying extra money for features you don't need. It is a ready-made service that includes: games, payment processing, customer support features, and third-party integrations like marketing tools and affiliate networks.

API Integration

You can also choose the API integration with the software product from Inbet — connect the best games, lotteries, and keno with remote access. All games will not be stored on your resource but are hosted on several of our servers equipped with innovative data protection tools. The servers have a simple and fast data exchange, ensuring the smooth operation of Inbet games on your gaming resource. The greatest pleasure of your players is the lack of need to wait until a particular slot is loaded.

An API is an application programming interface that allows gamers to use a software system and a server. The main task is to implement control over the client's account: withdraw or credit money, and receive bonuses.

Integration occurs by introducing the necessary interfaces specified in the owners' documents. After that, you will meet testing and access to the Internet. You also need to monitor the API's work so that there are no errors — the servers remain available, and the changes and additions made during updates are saved. Providers must respond quickly to failures in the work of the service.

The Benefits of Using Inbet Platforms

Online casino providers choose our White Label, Weblima, and API integration products as their primary software. They are the most convenient tools among software, and it helps online-casinos owners increase their income and automate management processes. Gamblers get access to the most popular games and slots.

The benefits of using our services are:

  • Easy integration.
  • System usage: PHP, Laravel, etc.
  • Full customization. Operators already have an idea of what their future service should look like. It is only sometimes possible to realize the project creator's plans due to technology, financial constraints, and a small number of templates. It can also take a lot of time. Such flexibility and many variations of the online casino interface promise the timeliness of visual changes. Our offers take into account the peculiarities of the markets, the emergence of new strategies, and the number of current industry trends.
  • Multisite mode is the most effective method of attracting a large audience. The operator is not limited in the choice of resources. The uniqueness is connected with the independent determination by the owner of those projects that will be implemented. The control panel guarantees many methods for creating strategies and keeping players interested. It includes marketing tools, bonuses, affiliate programs, and various promotions.
  • Affiliate strategies refer to an inventive way of finding traffic through affiliate strategies. Affiliates determine the domain and appearance of the site. They can take complete surveillance of some pages. Features of such cooperation are individual, as they depend on the result of negotiations between owners and affiliates.

Our developments are 100% native applications. Users can choose the best mode, way of earning, and platform for their needs using our service. Many reviews confirm honesty, reliability, safety, and good reputation. Gamblers can chat online while finding friends, buddies, and like-minded people.

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