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Attracting and Retaining Players with a help of the Bonus System

As the owner of an online betting business using InBet software, over time you start thinking about how to increase attendance and take players back to your service, while attracting new ones. After all, in this way the audience and profitability increases. Multifunctional elements of the gambling business, mobile applications for betting, casinos, lotteries, other sports and gambling components are equipped with various marketing tools, without which you can quickly go bankrupt. One of these ways is a well-thought-out system of promotions. Just make nice bonuses for players that will be credited to them simply for visiting the site. We will talk about this strategy and its rational application in our article.

Attracting and Retaining Players with a help of the Bonus System

Bonus Strategy

When choosing promotions as your strategy to attract customers, you will have to accept that this method will never be a panacea for you. All promotions change over time, shifting the focus to different aspects of the game. In any case, one day the promotional offer will be useless for users. It is possible that there will be several such unimportant actions – the audience simply will not receive the same benefits, for this reason it will be impossible to attract and even more so retain people. However, by wisely managing bonuses, focusing on useful items for players, it will be possible to get them to come back and invite friends.

According to foreign statistics, more than half of the people who held a credit card in a casino are very fond of instant rewards. In some regions, this figure reaches 75%. Freebies are loved by many, if not by all the players. Even if a person spends more than he gets back, he will still enjoy the fact that he got something for free.

Psychological Aspect

It is necessary to study the principle of decision-making based on psycho- and physiological response if you want to use a bonus system. The user must see the obvious usefulness of the promotion. Attracting an audience is guaranteed after you reach this goal. In addition, a really tempting bonus will keep people in the game much longer.

Merkle’s research has shown that a third of gamers love personalized rewards, while the majority would prefer to choose their own reward from a list of available special offers. Set up the system for the average consumer. You must be able not only to give a prize «by force» for a player, but also provide freedom of choice by showing them several reward options. This combined method is the most effective, because people want to receive rewards and come back.

Tips and Tricks for Use

Theory is good. But if it is not put into practice, then there will be no sense from this knowledge. We offer you to get acquainted with useful tips from InBet regarding the involvement of new and retention of old users with the help of promotions:

  • A large number of different promotions. Come up with a variety of options. These can be free spins, signup rewards, first play prize, cashbacks, and loyalty programs. The range of promotional offers can expand significantly due to your imagination. Think as a user. Imagine what you would like to receive as a free reward, and then you will definitely come up with something useful.
  • Emphasis. Another finding from the study is that the more a person thinks about a subject, the more likely they are to choose it. Create conditions for a person to see profitable special suggestions so that over time he decides to get it.
  • Loyalty. As the player must be loyal to the casino, so the casino has to be to him. Share transparency is one of the key parameters of any effective bonus program. Only on the honesty of your casino you can achieve the trust of the audience. A study by a foreign company KPMG showed: the majority of respondents preferred one online casino to another one solely because of honesty and transparency towards users. Before you offer your audience a promotion, make sure that all the conditions are as clear as possible. And do not forget to remind that a prize awaits the player upon fulfillment of the conditions. Do not complicate, everything ingenious is simple!
  • Uniqueness. Do not copy your competitor, it is a deliberately failed strategy. To add value to the offer, it must only be found in your online casino. Otherwise, what's the value of it? Uniqueness and originality will definitely attract people who are tired of the same type of scenarios. You will be like a breath of fresh air to them.

Even if you manage to create an effective promotion, do not offer it all the time. Do not let people get used to the idea that they will always take advantage of a valuable bonus. Turn it off periodically, so the result will be more effective.

Daily Bonuses and Tasks

Perhaps such prizes should be highlighted in a separate subtitle. Daily/weekly rewards are small rewards for the fact that the player returns to you every day (at least once a day plays). The choice of rewards is up to the owner. It can be a stable free spin every day, or a constant increase in rewards in proportion to the number of days spent in the game in a row. Daily prizes are considered the most frequent promotions. Almost every second online casino uses such a system.

Daily tasks are not much different from bonuses, except that there are conditions for completing them. The more difficult they are, the higher reward will be for a player. This is, for example, making a certain number of spins, hitting the jackpot (or just a big win), and so on. The fundamental difference from the prizes is that it is not necessary to enter the game every day (although the tasks are updated). No one forbids you to complete these tasks when you want.


A reward system is a really useful thing for an online business owner. It will definitely increase the number of players. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this strategy must be in experienced hands, otherwise it will not only bring benefits, but also harm you. Boring and monotonous offers are annoying, so the players will soon leave you and choose another platform for online games. Use the InBet software correctly. We can offer great functionality that you can and should learn to work with in order for your business to be successful. Offer and implement original ideas, and then success will come to you along with new users!

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