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Betting business in the quarantine conditions

The spread of the coronavirus epidemic has led to the abandonment of public sporting events around the world, which negatively affected the income of betting companies. The number of accepted bets has decreased many times; the shares of firms have sharply fallen down in value. With introducing the quarantine measures and self-isolation regime, offline betting shops have been closed for an indefinite period. In the situation created, bookmakers are forced to adapt to new conditions and look for alternative ways to attract players. One of them is online platforms of Inbet. They were designed to support the betting business during the total quarantine period. It provides users with the up-to-date lines of bets in a secure online mode.

Betting business in the quarantine conditions

Sporting events are prohibited. What is in return?

Leading betting companies, even during the pandemic, do not consider a scenario with lowering odds and, due to this fact, rising a margin. Nobody is going to compensate for losses at the customers’ expense. The strategy for the survival and further development of the betting-industry in the quarantine conditions consists in the complete transition of business to online mode. At the same time, lines of bets on computer kinds of sports are expanding:

  • e-sports are competitions of gamers in video games. Although, the action takes place in virtual reality, there are attributes of traditional sports disciplines: the hierarchy of participants, schedule of trainings, qualifying competitions and tournaments, and presence of a prize pool. Fans watch the competition in online casinos and place bets on different outcomes;
  • fantasy sports are a game based on the selection of a virtual team. Typically, the prototypes of participants are players taking part in real competitions. In case of their prohibition, there is a possibility to select players from e-sportsmen, and to form teams according to the requirements of a particular kind of sports. Fantasy-team participates in the game; in case of winning, a player receives points. It is possible to play and make bets on online platforms every day, in any kind of sports;
  • simulators and virtual sports are a computer simulation of a sporting event. Virtual players are controlled by artificial intelligence. The result of a competition is decided by a random number generator. Games are available around the clock in online mode.

During the crisis, the above-listed kinds of alternative sports will provide betters with broader opportunities for betting. They will allow feeling vivid emotions and excitement even in the absence of events in real sports.

Online technology is a way to stay in business during the quarantine

Coronavirus brought down many markets, including tourist, hotel, and restaurant ones. The betting market also received its full pound of flesh. But, it has better prospects to survive in this difficult time due to going into Internet. The success of business on an Internet-site depends on a high-quality software product.

Inbet Company specializes in creating software and games for the betting-industry, and helps to develop and promote the acquired projects. Against the background of the restrictive and quarantine measures, the developer’s remote solutions are particularly popular: online casinos as well as White Label and Weblima innovative platforms. These are multifunctional systems that meet current trends in the gaming industry. The features of Inbet Company’s online platform are as follows:

  • original design and user-friendly interface;
  • simplicity of integration with other platforms;
  • all betting products are concentrated in one place;
  • round-the-clock access from any devices;
  • quick setup of various program parameters;
  • transparent statistics;
  • intuitive administrative panel and payment system;
  • effective marketing tools (jackpots, colorful animation, bonuses).

The Company is interested in the development and prosperity of its customers; therefore, it provides them with the prompt technical and legal assistance. Based on Internet programs, it is simple and easy to open an online casino, create a website with gaming topics, or expand the existing betting business. Not only will Internet-sites help to survive difficult times, but they will also bring in tidy profit.


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