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As you already know, Inbet provides many innovative solutions for offline and online casinos; we have described in detail our achievements and awards in our previous article. It is time to let you, dear reader, into the depths of our inner workings and get to know our best solutions better. Are you ready? Then move on!

software solutions for betting

First of all, let me present to you the Desktop universal platform.
The Desktop platform is one of our best solutions for lotto halls.
All advantages of this system are extremely simple and convenient for entrepreneurs, because:

  • Desktop is installed on a personal computer with a selected package of gaming products.
One would think, what is so special about this? It's all about the simplicity of system administration, as well as its unpretentiousness in relation to the parameters of the personal computer and the operating system. Such a solution allows young entrepreneurs to reduce the expenditure side for the purchase of personal computers and to redistribute the savings to the marketing and advertising budget, which are often limited by the rigid framework at upcoming enterprises. We can not ignore the fact that any multifunctional product requires constant updates, so our team of developers regularly releases patches that ensure the stable operation of our system.

The next product, to which we would like to attract your attention, no longer seems so innovative, but it is still one of our most popular package offers.
This is about such a reliable system as the TV on-screen display of games
Or, as we call it, TV Package.
This solution has proven itself in hundreds of sports bars and private casinos.
TV Package - allows you to display live broadcasts of matches and gambling games on TV screens and includes the following list of possibilities:

  • Keno
  • Fortuna
  • Bingo
  • Sports matches
  • Games of chance and betting

Thanks to this system, players can fully concentrate their attention and strength on the gameplay, while the satisfied owners are already counting their profits.

Let’s have a wander round online casinos?
Many entrepreneurs do not shy away from this affordable business model and, in turn, we confirm that they are right!

Let’s explain why they are right:
  • Short payback periods under the condition of correct management
  • Great opportunity to supply basic needs of the market, having a team of experience developers and good product
  • Rather minimal investments in comparison with offline enterprise
Actually, gaming platform Desktop is a ready-made business solution that has a transparent regulatory framework and minimal payback periods.
Project success depends on two basic factors:
  • Quality of provided product
  • Quality of marketing
It is no coincidence that we focus your attention on consistency; good marketing will never save you from failure if the product cannot meet the needs of visitors of your platform. In this case, the diagram of your revenue will depend solely on marketing activities and costs, and not on retaining existing customers and supporting their activity on the platform. Sooner or later, such a system leads to a fiasco.

We are introducing only tested and well-optimized products and equipment for the gaming industry, understanding all the basic needs of entrepreneurs, together with the main pains and needs of end users. The perfect symbiosis of quality and the most favorable conditions!

Inbet – together to new victories!


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