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Gambling business and its prospects in South Africa

Currently, South Africa holds a leading position in terms of gross revenues from gambling in Africa, if we take the statistics provided by PwC, we will see that in 2014 gross revenues of gambling amounted to more than 17.2 billion rand (11.5 billion US dollars).

gambling business in South Africa

It is noteworthy that this figure compares the amount of revenues in Nigeria (497 million rand) and Kenya (218 million rand), which automatically puts South Africa on a leading position. In average, since 2014, the gambling revenues from in South Africa have been increased by 4.8%, which makes the gambling market on the top of the most favorable for investment.

Interesting fact: Despite the slow pace of the country's overall economic development and the static confirming of a new legal restrictions and licenses, 38 out of 40 casinos in South Africa remain active.

That is why Inbet is going to conquer the South African market with our software solutions, because accounting of all the facts above, opening a bookmaker's office in South Africa is not so difficult, but how to compete with already experienced market players? That’s right, using the new betting programs, modern solutions for the gambling business are gradually capturing the market.

Based on statistics, that shows us that gross income from sports betting in South Africa has been increased by 56% in 2014 compared to 2013, in average, the annual gross income from sports betting is 2.8%, so we can assume that the gross profit in 2019 will be increased by 70% comparing to 2013. This is very impressive result for South Africa!

Lots of new opportunities and hundreds of new customers, that's what inBet expects in South Africa, but why only we have to expect this?

If you have a desire to conquer new market, buy a bookmaker company in South Africa, or open a lottery business in South Africa - we will be happy to help you in your undertakings!

See you at the Ice Africa conference in Sandton from October 2 to 3!

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