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Did you know that Lima is one of the most advanced solutions for lotto halls? Gaming platform Lima’s success consists in the fact that upon the availability of wide set of useful functions this operating system is still fairly simple and user-friendly for entrepreneurs. Absence of Lima's pretention to operating system of working devices and their technical specifications is its secondary advantage. However, this advantage is equally important.

gaming platform

As a betting program, - Lima has a wide range of advantages in comparison with other platforms, for example:

  • Capability of customization of jackpots for adaptation of required parameters of probability of draw

  • Customized setting of run screen resolution for the purpose of customization of game experience and improvement of look and feel

  • Remote management. You may trace replenishments and statistics of new registrations whenever and wherever you are. All operations are carried out in the personal cabinet without reference to physical device

Lima platform includes more than 800 games; 20 of them were created by Amatic. Our team plans a large-scale renewal of gaming assortment, in particular, Amatic in the next releases.

By the way, we prepared the upgraded skin just recently Lima Aqua, It is already available for preview!

If we take a closer look, we can see many improvements.

We upgraded interface considerably; we developed quality of animations and rate of loading of gaming screens. We already work strenuously on release of new graphic solutions for our gaming platform. Summarizing briefly, we can say that program for sports betting Lima is the best solution for cyber café, lotto halls and betting companies. In addition to above-said functions we would like to mention a few interesting facts:
  • Lima was assembled on the engine WagerGun, one of the most reliable and multifunctional engines on the market

  • Flexible assembly enables to minimize setting time and to use the gaming platform in cyber café almost at the start

  • The most current version of Lima has a special function under the name of “offer support” in PDF format, enabling to publish various documents, licenses and scans directly in the platform

We provide maximally flexible conditions of cooperation for new customers and advantageous bonuses for our brand ambassadors, so conditions of connection to our system are very simple. In order to connect to Lima, gaming platform for cyber café, you just have to do the following:
  • To file the simple application on our official sitе Inbet and to consult our manager

  • To sign an agreement and to prepare business plan for implementation. Our specialists will provide you with complete legal support

  • To prepare own or rented premise for work, to equip teller station with personal computer or laptop, to grant access to network and to connect cash register printer and scanner

Provision of these maximally simple conditions will enable you to start your own, permitted and, most importantly, money-making business!

Just write to us in order to start cooperation!
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