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How to found a bookmaker in Tajikistan?

Dear readers of our blog, today we have prepared another guide for founding a bookmaker, this time we will talk about the Republic of Tajikistan and the gambling business in this country.

betting business in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is an attractive region for investment in the gambling business industry, despite the fact that the government is doing it’s best to take control of this industry, the bookmakers in Tajikistan are flourishing. In Dushanbe there are more than two hundred points for receiving bets from the population, which are visited by more than five thousand visitors every monthly.

Which nuances should you pay a special attention to and why?

In Tajikistan, there is one problem that is inherent for almost all bookmakers worldwide, but in Tajikistan that has a particularly acute public outcry. The thing is that the points of bet receiving in Tajikistan are one of the favorite places for teenagers. Take a look at one of the recent examples, the mayor of Dushanbe, Rustam Emomali, personally met with the founders of the betting companies. During the meeting, Rustam Emomali threatened the founders with the fact that in case of violation of the rules by any company, it’s activiti would be terminated, he also has given appropriate orders to authorized persons in the field of law and order and education.

Possible problems.

Despite the huge wave of opening the bookmaking companies immediately after the adoption of the law prohibiting the operation of casinos, the license remains the main problem for entrepreneurs. It’s true, a license in order to open a bookmaking company in Tajikistan is quite difficult and takes a long time to obtain it legally. By the way, in our opinion the difficulties with the license can explain the abundance of illegal bookmaking companies in Tajikistan.


We support exclusively legal activity, therefore, in our opinion, the best choice for young entrepreneurs will be the opening of a franchise bookmaking company in Tajikistan. This simplifies the bureaucratic process for entrepreneurs. The need to create a legal entity automatically disappears, to work with a franchise, it will be enough for you to issue a private entrepreneurial plan, which is much faster and cheaper due to its bureaucratic simplicity. Another important advantage of opening a franchise bookmaking company is high-quality and well-built marketing. Entrepreneurs will be provided with consulting support in the selection of premises, in the purchase of equipment and furniture, the selection of optimal advertising opportunities and brand support.

Important nuances:

  • Choose your place wisely, look for the highest possible flow of customers at the lowest cost.
  • Do not buy extremely expensive furniture, your task is to get into the plus as quickly as possible and not to delay this moment.
  • Take care of safety and instruct operators on behaviors and denial service scripts for customers under 18.
  • Look for the most profitable options for promoting your bookmaking company, compare several advertising opportunities and their cost, choose the best option.
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