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How to promote a bookmaking company in 2020?

Many start-up entrepreneurs often ask questions regarding the marketing and promotion of bookmaking companies in online and offline space. In this article, we will reveal the topic in as much detail as it’s possible and describe the most effective ways of promotion and marketing trends in the gambling business for 2020.

Ready? Then sit back, our marketing tour begins.

promote a bookies

What options are available and how to use them?

  • Social media marketing
  • CPA network
  • Native ads
  • Affiliate integrations
  • SEO
  • SERM

Social Media Marketing

Let's analyze from A to Z everyone’s beloved monastery of cats and memes. Alas, the promotion of the bookmaking company is not about cats, but about numbers, statistics, and communication.

In order to successfully build SMM around the brand of a betting company you will need:

  • Communication strategy
  • Tone Of Voice of your brand, preferably built on the basis of predefined goals, missions, and strengths of your company
  • Content, content and a lot more of content again
  • The advertising budget for targeted ads in your chosen social networks

Where to begin?

Everything in order, otherwise your social media will turn into another mess with a pretty low level of involvement and organic CTR.

Where to get inspiration?

The genius key of any marketing is expressed in the ability to draw ingenious decisions outside the scope of your business, look at the social networks of “Kinder”, “Vizit” and at the war of friendly “jokes” of Russian banks with their competitors on Twitter.

CPA network

A profitable, complex and incredibly useful tool for any business in b2c. The CPA network system is very similar to Google Display but has one key difference, the advertiser pays only for the made actions, the transition to the site, registration, bid, etc.

The advertiser signs an agreement with the CPA network, which works under an agreement with webmasters who receive traffic from a network of entertainment sites, news portals or directories that host ad units.

What is important to remember:

УConsider the wide reach of your audience and your goals at the time you place your promotional materials. Your designs and final results will depend on this. Viral advertising content is very quickly remembered, do remember how to “raise cash” and how Leon made everyone “sick of it” together with porn actress Alina Hennesy? Then we can congratulate these bookmakers, recognition marketing had a success.

Native ad

Probably one of the most expensive, but even in 2020 one of the most effective methods of promoting a bookmaking company.

The system of native advertising is extremely simple, it is a direct purchase of advertising integrations in entertainment communities, and also from opinion leaders and bloggers in various niches.

Why is it so profitable?

The high payback of this promotion model is caused by the confidence of the audience in the source of placement and the financial model of the bookmaking company. The creative field in this direction is limited only by imagination and your advertising budgets.

Analysis and statistics

Check the source of integration for engagement rate (ER), this will help you approximately predict the CPC and CTR of the advertising campaign and form a relevant offer for the source and conclude a profitable deal.


Any resource is at your disposal. On each platform, there are enough opinion leaders who are happy to conclude an advertising contract.


  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • VK

Where you are able to make a big boom among the first advertisers and grab the best results?

This is TikTok, ladies, and gentlemen. This social network is rapidly gaining users and by the end of 2019 exceeded the growth rate of Instagram (whose total growth rate was about 4%), which does not speak in favor of it.

Affiliate integrations

A fairly broad type of promotion, which can combine partnership integrations, SMM and even SERM with the proper approach (but we will talk about a SERM a bit later).

Promotion of the bookmaking company, advertising of the betting business is the long term task,, so the company has nothing to do without partner integrations. There is a separate category of people attached to our business for this. Since 2017, everyone has probably heard about privateers, but where do they come from?

It's simple because you can always conclude profitable contracts with privateers and work by the revenue share system, which allows privateers to receive a fixed percentage of the “win” of each referred user to the bookmaking company. There are a lot of chains of interaction with privateers, which we would like to talk about, but unfortunately, this topic is so wide that it requires a separate and large-scale article.

Simply speaking, the system works like:

  • Privateer forms an audience of like-minded people around him
  • Invests money of his audience in your company or drives loyal traffic through an affiliate link
  • Gets a fixed percentage of the outcome of bets or actions performed according to the contract

If you are new to this business and have not to thunder on the market yet - partnership integration is one of the initial areas that should be addressed at the very start of the project.

SEO is alive, nothing is forgotten!

If your company is set up for long-term work with various markets, then good SEO, as well as affiliate integration, will be necessary for you to continue successful work. Start SEO - is like how to plant a tree, the results of your work will not show themselves soon, but they will certainly surprise you in a year.

What basic things are worth knowing?

  • Link Building has not been canceled, build the right link building strategy and reap the benefits
  • HTML Friendly. A correctly written site by SEO will be the key to your success in search results. Getting free traffic is always a pleasure.
  • Google My Business. Pages with a rating receive higher positions in search engines. Do not be too lazy to start Google My Business for your company and monitor the quality of reviews, it will pay off
  • Localization and keywords. If you plan to capture several markets and traffic from different parts of the world - take care of keywords and the correct localization of content on your site. This will greatly help SEO, your users and the growth of numbers in your bank accounts.
  • Sitemap and Robots.txt, make sure that bots are comfortable to move around your site, navigation plays an equally important role
  • King of SEO is a blog. The combination of the right keywords in combination with relevant and interesting content will turn your bookmaker into a real entertainment tool that key search engines will surely appreciate.

SEO optimization can be compared to a small child, with the only difference being that he gets up to full height within 2 years and starts generating traffic to your bookmaking company like a real bulldozer if everything goes right.


The last item on our list, but not the least in importance, in our list of advertising opportunities for promoting a bookmaking company.

SERM - reputation management in search engines. This is a great opportunity to natively promote the brand of your betting company and actively gain links

For example, on one of the sites like “Quora” analogs - one of the users published an angry post regarding your bookmaking service.

Your actions? Yes, it’s reasonable to respond to a review on behalf of the company, to apologize and leave an affiliate link. But is that all?

No, it’s reasonable:

  • Create a new post on the platform on behalf of the client, refuting the statement from another post with an affiliate link to your resource

The SERM is widely used in leading IT companies, which allows them to receive a large amount of free traffic and quickly process negative situations associated with users, so you should not neglect this promotion tool, especially when forming a comprehensive marketing company.


In this article, we have viewed some of the most effective methods for promoting and advertising the bookmaking company on the web, but much more remains “behind the scenes” of our material. In our next articles, we will slightly open the screen of the marketing of betting companies, describing more detailed the other aspects of Internet promotion.

Choose your successful channels, shape your strategy and capture new markets with our specialists!


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