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How to sell software via social networks

These days software has become relevant for entrepreneurs who opt to open their casino. The development that takes place right now makes a popular direction in business, and legality remains an important criterion for earning money, without which no platform can do. The major mistake of doing business, based on the up-to-date possibilities of the Internet, remains workarounds for the development of gambling in countries where it’s still a prohibited type of activity.

How to sell software via social networks

Social networks play a significant role in the sale of software for services and platforms, which is also a unique customer engagement system as a profitable way to promote software.

The role of casino software

The software is the face of the platform, which allows you to attract new users and retain existing ones. The more gamblers visit the casino, the more income it brings to the owner. The stability of the platform depends on the quality of the selected software: low-quality software will lead to bad operation of the game slots, and, in the worst scenario, to the loss of reputation.

The interface adds more quality, convenient management, and user-friendliness of the site. It's no secret that design adds more confidence that a person wins, and makes your pastime more comfortable.

It is not enough to build a seemingly successful business just by opening a gambling business, obtaining a license, establishing your own sales funnel, implementing internal payment systems, and creating the site itself. You’ll also need software for growth and promotion, which is a key step in completing building your business, starting to earn money, and taking it to a new stage.

Social networks as a means of promotion

Social networks have been a part of our lives over the past 10 years. This is not only about killing free time, but about the environment for selling goods. The question is, why social networks? The answer is quite simple. Firstly, they give contextual advertising, which attracts new people. Secondly, such websites have proven themselves in the best way, they give an almost guaranteed effect. Thirdly, many users follow the news, and check out new products by browsing social networks.

The key advantage is the indispensability in the product of brand differentiation, advertising, then in building up a client base and selling software.

Using the web of decision-makers

More and more top managers increase their activity in social networks that help them in making decisions. Some of them make posts about their casino, others prefer to write comments or reviews to attract customers.

Why do more leads choose social networks? Here are the reasons for that:

  • Comfortable way to attract people and raise sales. About 30 million people come here every day, most of them are potential customers of the company who are willing to purchase software and order services.
  • You can provide support and receive feedback. A brand can arrange contests, hold promotions, and provide useful information about its software and related B2B products.
  • Increase awareness. Social networks are powerful because of their publicity. Bringing in advertising will increase recognition, reliability, and trust of the company.
  • Search for colleagues. The presence of specialists of different levels and experts in the gambling field.
  • Service development. Social networks are constantly improved and developed. Every year there are more and more networks with new quality and services.

Peculiarities of software promotion

To succeed in selling through a social network, it is important to consider B2B promotion strategies, particularly:

  • A mandatory phase of rotation and education of the lead.
  • Software is a complex, expensive, but by no means a one-time product.
  • There is a long cycle of the transaction ahead, which depends on the non-obvious path of the client.
  • Building confidence in the decision-maker through his expertise, content, and detailed presentation of the product.
  • Interaction begins after the gradual maturation of the lead;
  • Then comes personal relationships and the process of responding to lead generation, and excitement, which is important for building relationships.
  • The final step will be to assess the relevance of the product for yourself and the user's response.

The lead nurturing himself bears fruit only after a while, so at the first stage we must take into account that:

  • half of the buyers are not willing to make deals after talking for a few minutes;
  • companies using this strategy sell more and spend less;
  • after the rotation, leads are willing to buy a lot more.

Sales phases

Social networks bear the order of software implementation. First, you need to determine the positioning by answering the questions below:

  • Who are we?
  • What are we?
  • What is important for us and our target audience?
  • What can we give people?

The second phase is to analyze the target audience and complete the profile:

  • Who is our product for?
  • What are the company needs?
  • Circumstances under which you can use our product.
  • Who is the decision-maker?
  • Decision-making factors, risks.
  • Products, services, benefits.

The third phase includes the promotion channels, and means of communication. Here you should resort to Social Selling, which is the development of relationships in the sales process. This stage becomes important in generating leads through chats.

After that, you need to write scripts, posts, and other feeding mechanisms and find your target audience.

To build long-term relationships with newly found customers, you need to:

  • like, comment on their personal and commercial posts;
  • react to Stories;
  • start easy communication on topics of interest;
  • implement effective practices;
  • be loyal;
  • maintain feedback;
  • offer useful content.

After the relationship is set up, you can start processing the transaction. The final stage involves lead retention, which is also super important.

Implementation errors

After improper communication with leads, their loss, or a number of other reasons, you can face a period of decline and lose the prestige of the decision-maker.

The key mistakes include:

  • A detailed plan has not been drawn up, which could help to have a clear development structure. To make a plan, you should set a specific, achievable goal, for instance, increase the number of sales this month, improve your expert skills, or create a business communication structure. Regarding the plan, it's not necessary to build goals for the year ahead, two hundred pages will be enough to start. The plan must include deadlines, volumes, topics, the framed style of posts, and technical specifications for illustrations, and the goals should be divided into subtasks.
  • The preliminary analysis of the audience has not been carried out. It will be enough to make a simplified analysis using marketing intelligence, studying the experience of competitors.
  • Monotonous and boring content. Alternation of useful, selling, new material.
  • Underestimation of the required resources, and the complexity of the work. The tactics are set incorrectly, the desire for savings will adversely affect the result because you cannot do without extra costs in the modern reality.
  • Expecting a fast result. The cycle from the beginning of advertising to building a deal will take about a month, or even more, working with the target audience requires patience and huge effort.
  • Lack of assistance to the client, lack of interaction with him, ignoring his letters. Before starting a deal, it’s important to build a friendly relationship with the buyer, gain trust, and in no case ignore the subscriber's requests.
  • An unexplored system of a sales funnel of a certain social network. Each Internet web has its own peculiarities, which must not be neglected.
  • Use of specially created fake accounts. This approach is not the best way to fill communities, it can even be the most destructive means of business. The created bots will not attract attention, they will not add trust to the leads.
  • Not using different promotion methods that require extra costs. A few methods will prove to be very effective.
  • Refusal of designers. Specialists in this field will design a beautiful, attractive design, and give it a corporate identity. It's no secret that an interface draws people in and keeps them stuck for a while.

Such little factors exacerbate efforts and spoil the structure of software promotion.

Tips to succeed in selling B2B products

Based on the above-mentioned mistakes, we have identified 11 tips for the profitable sale of software via social networks:

  • Treat the site as a commercial platform.
  • It is worth it to create a beautiful and attractive design.
  • Make your posts visually appealing.
  • Run contests.
  • Introduce promotions.
  • Add benefits for clients.
  • Send greetings to loyal customers.
  • Create relevant and interesting content.
  • Accompany advertising.
  • Attract social connections.
  • Chat with users.

By doing all this, you can successfully sell software at a bargain price and find loyal customers by keeping in touch with them.

The modern world provides a lot of opportunities. You should not limit yourself to one social network, it is better to use several and publish unique content in each and update it with the release of new versions of online casino software.

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