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How to start an online casino and not fold up for the first 12 months

Dear readers, we have received numerous questions from our users regarding the mechanism for stating an online casino. Therefore, today we will show all the aces and describe the whole mechanism for starting an online casino step by step, from the inception of the idea to a working business.

Sounds good? Then take your tea and some treats, there is a lot of interesting things to learn!

How to start an online casino

To start an online casino is much easier than even a bookmaker business with a franchise.
The work on the project to start an online casino begins long before the license is received, and here are some details.
The mechanism of starting an online casino is divided into six stages:

  • Choosing a reliable supplier
  • Selection of game content
  • Obtaining a license for gambling business
  • The choice of payment methods
  • Creating an online casino website
  • Advertising and marketing6

As always, we are going to describe each stage step by step for better understanding.

Stage 1

Choosing a reliable supplier

One of the most crucial stages of starting the whole work. Why?
Software vendors are different, you should not reduce all to the same InBet's level, because in our opinion, the supplier is a kind of a guide and support for the entrepreneur in one person. Therefore, we provide not only the opportunity to order the creation of an online casino website, but also provide legal support at the stage of obtaining a license for the gambling business, advising start-up entrepreneurs in marketing and advertising investments for the most effective promotion of a new project.
This is our principled ground, but we would like to note the fact that not all suppliers adhere to implicit standards.
At the start of the project, the choice of supplier should be approached as scrupulously as possible.

Stage 2

Selection of game content

It is a rather laborious stage, during which a novice entrepreneur should decide on the amount and format of content that will be integrated into your online casino. This choice should not be unsubstantiated, or based on your personal preferences. Alas, in such matters the IMHO approach has not worked for a long time, so you should properly make a selection and create a maximum relevant list of game content

How to choose the game content properly?

In this case you can use such tools as:
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Yandex Wordstat
  • Google Trends

These services provide a possibility for you to track the interest of users to different types of games in online casinos, check which games are extremely popular among the players and check the trends and reduction in search queries for different game content. If you plan to start an online casino within three months from the date of the survey, your data will be relevant with a 95% probability. The gambling market is not subject to changes in a short period of time, it is a stable structure.

What exactly needs to be done?

  • Create a table where the types of content most relevant at the time of the study will be entered
  • Fill in the types of the content that are steadily gaining popularity in relation to the number of search queries
  • Fill in the most popular types of content based on the search results
  • Ask for the analogues from your supplier
  • Profit

As you can see, all the necessary and valuable information is in the public domain, take some time to review the interface of the required services and you are up in arms.

Stage 3

Obtaining a license for gambling business

This stage can not be called too complicated, but it has its own peculiarities that should be observed. At the same time, all the nuances, circumvention and loopholes in the laws of different countries are different, but slightly alike. Therefore, we will not dig into this stage in order not to offend anyone.
We can confidently say that InBet is able to provide legal support in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the United States of America and in any of the countries of Latin America, so if you plan to start an online casino in one of the above countries, we are looking forward to your requests to any of the communication channels convenient to you, provided below at the end of this article.

Stage 4

The choice of payment methods

This is the holy of holies for online casinos, the holy grail, with which your users will be able to transfer money in both directions.

How to choose the method of payment?

There is one small life hack that we can share with you, which in turn is divided into two parts. We will not torment you with terminology, so we are going to describe everything as simple as possible:

  • If you plan to work locally and not go beyond the borders of your native country - just look at the available payment methods in the largest online stores and on the websites of your future competitors.

Why spend a lot of time inventing a bicycle?

  • If you plan to work around the world, then just review the current payment methods on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress. They always have the most relevant payment methods for different continents and countries.

Believe me, these two simple ways will save you a lot of time.

Stage 5

Creating an online casino website

This is one of the most time-consuming and responsible steps to run an online casino.
For successful work, you will need a modern website, for the creation of which you will need a detailed design specification for developers. In drawing up the design specification, you should consider such points as:

  • Adaptability of graphic design
  • The possibility of introducing advertising integrations
  • Basic navigation
  • Benefits for SEO and indexing

Now we will describe each item in more detail:

Adaptability of graphic design.
The adaptability of graphic design includes two important features:

  • UX (design of graphic materials with maximum adherence to UX rules, so that the user could read the information in the correct logical order)
  • Website adaptability for all types of devices. Screens of different resolutions, TV screens, mobile phones no older than three years, tablet resolution, and so on. This item will allow users to see your website so as to stay and comfortably start the game from any device.

The possibility of advertising integrations:
The option of advertising integrations should be considered so that in the future you can use your online casino as your own advertising tool after you have gained a good traffic volume.
This tool can be used both to advertise the necessary games in your online casino, and for sale by connecting to one of the ad networks.

Basic navigation:
Basic navigation involves a simple sitemap for the user. From the locations of icons, to the arrangement of items in the main menu.
For the best practical implementation of this rule, use the marketing tool called "Customer Journey". This allows you to calculate in advance the map of the user's actions on the site and correctly highlight key points at the layout stage.

Benefits for SEO:
Purchasing traffic is certainly good and necessary at the start of the project, but you should think about the long-term prospects and work on search results even before the start of the project.
SEO is responsible for showing your site on search engines' results by a specific set of keywords. This is a very laborious process that requires the involvement of specialists, but at the initial stage you can independently perform the following steps:

  • Specify the shortest possible time to load the site on various devices. Developers will be able to reduce the load time to the desired indicators.
  • Ask the developer to work on the sitemap and robots.txt files, which are responsible for the path of search engine bots on your site, which will significantly increase the chances of good search results.
  • Write out the main list of keywords using the tools specified in step two and assign the task to the copywriters who will design the text parts of your site according to the keywords, which will also be useful for a good search result

This step is really very important, free traffic is valuable, and the possibility of increasing income without investing in advertising is an excellent prospect, therefore, at the stage of creating an online casino site, you should consider each of the above steps and focus on ensuring maximum comfort for your future players. And at this point we smoothly proceed to the next final stage!

Stage 6

Advertising and marketing

This item is one of the fundamental steps for a successful start. Online casinos should be promoted in the online space, but unfortunately, it is not always so easy.
How can online casinos be promoted, if most of the traffic white channels are closed?
We will give you several effective tools that work in real life:

  • CPA network. Ad networks with cost per action, per click or one thousand views. One of the most common tools. When you watch a movie on one of the websites, you may notice online casino advertising. This is not a website, but a CPA network to which it is connected.
  • Media buying. In simple terms, this is the purchase of advertising from bloggers, streamers and specialized communities. The channel really gives great results with the right approach, but we will tell you about this in another article.
  • Cloaking. This is a grey way to purchase traffic in social networks. Where does this unattractive name come from? This is due to the fact that advertising online casinos and other similar projects is prohibited by all social networks, but there are always loopholes in their advertising tools with which you can, though not for long, buy traffic for your project. The method requires good knowledge and can show a good result. Make a note.

In fact, there are much more ways to promote online casinos, we will write in detail about them for you, but a little bit later.

We hope that now you have no questions about opening an online casino and, as promised above, we attach our contact details for you, if you need a really reliable partner to start your business!

WhatsApp: +77052077191
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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