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Innovative gambling strategies

A quarter of a century ago, no one could even imagine that it would be possible to play slots from home. Moreover, this can be done in several ways: using a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, and a computer. Over the past year, the gambling world has been enriched and expanded even more. This provides vast opportunities for players.

Innovative gambling strategies

Newest Games

Gambling developers are constantly forging ahead. They introduce innovations in the online casino structures, not only come up with interesting storylines, but also offer updated platforms.

Virtual Reality

VR (Virtual Reality) innovative developments have been the top aspect of gambling creation for more than 10 years. They attract the audience with liveliness, realism, the opportunity to be in the center of events. Gambling houses are also trying to bring VR to platforms. "Live" dealers appear, as well as the participation effect. However, innovation has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • socialization – you can "meet" friends, feel the incredible atmosphere, get vivid emotions from gambling;
  • detail – poker is a "live" game where it is important to see the emotions of opponents, and the virtual reality helps gamers to be at the same table, so the real poker features are provided;
  • virtual reality is a great way to hook an audience and add to the online casino guest list.


  • hands-free kits are not a common accessory, so not everyone can take advantage of this product;
  • VR long-term exposure affects the nervous system and physical condition of people.

Electronic Sport

The name speaks for itself – this is a virtual space contest between the users of computer games. Until recently, it was not considered a kind of sports, but now it is a category of its own.

Billions are made from e-sports. This sector is constantly evolving, new competitions appear, engagement is growing every day, the chance to make a lot of money doing what you enjoy most attracts a multimillion audience. They bet money on cyber competitions, watch them online, root for favourite teams, and organize fan clubs. In 2020, over 20 billion dollars was spent on cybersecurity, and operators' revenue was just under 2 billion dollars.

The growing popularity of e-sports results in an expanding selection of games. The scope of betting on some e-sports competitions exceeds that of traditional sports. In the nearest future, e-sports will be on a par with football, or perhaps will become even more popular.

Fantasy Sports

This is a virtual game based on real sports competitions. A person collects a team of real athletes who compete in one championship, places bets and makes money on their success.

Fantasy sports are less popular than e-sports. It is not so common, it is mostly associated with fantasy online games or strategies. Fantasy sports monopolies are DraftKings and FanDuel. This is a promising area, ready to welcome developers.

The top-tier fantasy sports game is soccer. Many people are still afraid to invest real money in this area, so they play for free. The issue of switching to real money bets is still closed, but in the near future, fantasy sports will also become a promising platform for making money.

3D Games

3D applications remain the most popular in the gambling world. They appeared in the early 2000s, gaining worldwide popularity right away. Then large and small corporations, like NetEnt, Playtech, etc., could earn a lot by creating 3D apps. One of the British corporations made 3D its calling card and immediately made it to the top.


  • beautiful, realistic graphics;
  • high level of detail;
  • gamer involvement in the process;
  • availability;
  • interesting storylines;
  • bright, attractive advertising;
  • numerous moving elements, animations that retain the player's attention;
  • the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a casino.

Programmers have been betting on 3D for several years now and never lose. Gamers choose 3D games as they love this liveliness and detail. They bet more, visit such platforms more often, and spend more time there. A large selection of plots makes them even more popular.

Systemic Innovation

Modern online casinos strive to create comfortable conditions in order to attract audience and stand out from their competitors, and to achieve that they are introducing innovations. This category includes innovative developments being used at opening online casinos or improving old ones.


Perhaps everybody has already heard of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency popularity has increased after a leap in the rate in 2017. Then they started talking about it all over the world. So far, no virtual currency has achieved such a success. It is grown, it is well established on financial exchanges and it is a valid payment instrument.

Bitcoin is firmly established in gambling. Today, 15% of all online casinos worldwide accept bitcoins, but this figure is constantly growing.

Benefits of Bitcoin:

  • no license required;
  • non-return;
  • no double or triple chains of converting.


The advent of 5G has caused quite a stir across the globe. Many people have had fears of the technology, and rumours are spreading about the dire dangers of this type of communication. Nevertheless, 5G technologies are spreading faster every day, covering new areas. The world of gambling will not be left out either.

Gamblers will have the opportunity to connect faster, and developers will have the chance to create more sophisticated applications. Even standard mobile devices using 5G technology will be able to support any innovation in graphics and sound.

Artificial Intelligence

The world of online casinos will soon change beyond recognition, and the growing popularity of artificial intelligence contributes to this. The use of artificial intelligence will allow introducing more bots in online gambling, which will be managing many of the guests' problems. The need to use human operators will almost completely disappear, since AI can process more information without making mistakes.

AI will also track guests' expectations, preferences, and claims in order to pass this data on to developers. This will increase the involvement and interest of gamblers. It is much easier and faster to collect analytics using AI.

RFID Technology

This is a method of automatic identification using radiofrequency signal. The technology is applied for stacks of chips to keep track of where they are used. RFID chips allow developers to study gamers' behaviour, track trends, and void the chip if it is stolen.

Online Concierge

The virtual assistant works not only in online casinos, but it also took its place among the employees of off-line gambling clubs. Concierge allows making reservations, notifies about offers, gives out chips and manages other organizational issues.

Automated Check for COVID-19

This technology is used by off-line gambling houses. At the entrance, guests stand before a camera that scans their faces and also measures body temperature without contact. If the guest has a mask, is not on the club's blacklist, and the temperature does not exceed the allowed value, the guest will be able to enter.

Face Recognition System

This technology allows to identify underage guests, fraudsters and addicted persons in order to prevent them from visiting casinos.

Modern gambling gets with the times, actively using all trends. The Inbet company is no exception, the developers use all technological innovations, therefore it operates in more than 12 countries of the world. The top 3D applications of Inbet are as follows: Dogs 3D, Bet Velodrom & Tron, while the creation of new applications is just a matter of time.

The company has developed and implemented a large number of mobile apps for gambling fans that are available and downloadable on GooglePlay. These are Penalty, Virtual Soccer, Keno, Bingo37 and others.

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