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Innovative platforms for bets

“We must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that!”. Lewis Carrol was a literary great and he knew what he was talking about. The twenty-first century is the age of speeds and innovative solutions. The achievements which seemed to be the advanced developments may become very obsolete. It is necessary to implement the innovative solutions in order not just to save but also to grow your business. How can you do it?

innovative platforms for bets

Some couple of decades ago you had to go to casino or bookmaker's office in order to place your bets. Today the entire world switches to online mode. The gambling business follows the same way. The great number of various web sites, betting applications and online casino is proposed to us. It is difficult to dig into this variety but we will try.

«Inbet» is a company which has been proposing a variety of solutions for gaming industry during 18 years: software for bookmaker’s clubs, gambling terminals and online casinos, as well as the proprietary games. Seek help from the professionals if you plan to set up the gambling business. "Inbet" will propose ready-for-use option or will customize the existing one according to your needs.

Which innovative programs are created by “Inbet”:

  • TV-games are an excellent start for business reaching break-even point in as short a time as possible. You may carry out broadcasting of matches, virtual games and lotteries drawing with the use of this program. It is suitable for sports betting, dog racing, bingo etc.;
  • gaming platform “Lima” for PC or laptop. It enables to set up the gambling business without extra efforts, forming the unique set of games based on your vision;
  • online-projects for B2B. These are ready-made solutions including the games, payment systems and financial monitoring. They are fast and cost-efficient. We will consider in details the Weblima program in the present article.

Weblima is the ready-for-use option for your business

Weblima platform is the universal solution for online and off-line betting. This is an opportunity for your customers to play both at home and at the hall of the betting station. Despite of the fact that online betting captured the market, many conservative players still prefer to go to the club and to play in the noisy and jolly group of their friends. Make it possible for them and raise your income.

The responsive design is a special feature of our software: you may choose look and feel of your system individually. Select the “picture” based on your preference and be sure that it will be compliant with any devices, whether phone or PC. You may not only set up the visual sequence, but also to define the collection of games, bonuses and other parameters. So, you will get the individual product at the output. The vivid graphics and easy navigation will become the added benefit

Weblima games

More than 100 high-class games from the best world providers: Novomatic, Spinomenal, Inbet etc. The collection changes all the time. Offer to your customers the best options from the existing ones as of today:

  • keno (number lotteries): Keno Neon, Turbo Keno, Disco Keno, Keno Live;
  • slots: Buffalo Spirit, Rich Life Haunted Money, Pirate Cave;
  • table-top games: Live Roulette, Fortuna, Bingo Pilipino, Sicbo, Firestorm Bingo;
  • sport and racing: Penalty, Velo 3D, Tron 3D, Virtual Soccer, Dogs 3D and much more.

Weblima functions in browser mode and does not require extra equipment. This advanced online space will be suitable for installation into PC, laptop and smartphone as it may adapt to it. Technical specifications of the device are of little importance.

Marketing opportunities

  • featured: fast access to the games chosen by the player. According to the statistics, the players come back to the favorite games over and over again. You may help them;
  • “goodies” in the form of jackpots and free spins. It is you who decides the maximum winning amount and Jackpot name. Define the concept of your gambling space individually and create the virtual world which will be valued by your customers;
  • various bonuses. Encourage the players in the way you consider it necessary: define the interests accrued, the period of bonus validity and the terms of its receiving. The player is able to see all the available values in the playing field. Moreover, there is a stimulating prize received at the certain level of loss;
  • vivid animation. We arrived at the following conclusion during the years of cooperation with various partners: the colorful interface influences on the players, raises their spirits and stimulates greater involvement and thrill of the competition. Consequently, business revenue increases by 20%.

Additional features

  • compatibility with POS machines. We deliver and set up the stand-alone terminals W3 at the customer’s request. You may replenish the balance with the help of cashier;
  • technical support 24/7 ensures the smooth operation with Weblima;
  • personal account for each player;
  • instant deactivation if necessary;
  • reports system enabling to find out rapidly about changes in gambling halls and actions of he players;
  • partner program.

In addition to Russia, online platform for betting is already in demand in the African countries (South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana), as well as in CIS countries (Qazaqstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Kirghizia). The reason for such widespread acceptance is simple: easy adaptation to any territorial conditions. You may need the analysis of the winning bookmaker products targeting this market in order to establish the new popular project and to achieve the best results.

In conclusion let us remember another quote of Lewis Carroll: “The best way to explain it is to do it”. “Inbet” company is ready not only to tell about its innovative solutions but also to help in their implementation. You may rely on complex follow-up support: consultation, offer of ready-made solution or adaptation to your request, setup and 24-hour technical support. We are fully responsible for our product and guarantee its quality.


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