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Lotteries in the African countries

People from post-Soviet countries have a loyal attitude toward lotteries, betting offices and casino. Despite state prohibitions and strict licensing, the number of online casino, betting offices and lotto halls just increases. But whether the demand for gambling games is the same throughout the world? Whether the demand exceeds supply everywhere?
Yes, people like, sports betting in the whole world, and today we will consider this question in details using the example of the African countries.

Lotteries in the African

For example, RSA regularized officially sports betting, races betting and online casino and opened up new horizons for the suppliers of software for sports betting. But if we get a better look at it, we will see that situation is more complicate.
New draft law specifies that the suppliers of software for sports betting will be obliged to file application for acquisition of license in each of 10 particular regions of the country. The experts said that the government might gain higher income from provision of gambling services to citizens provided that it would modify the procedure of issue of license for foreign suppliers of software for online betting. However, the attitude of the state seems to be rather convincing, and rigid boundaries are justified by protection of gambling games lovers.
This is weird, but even such bureaucratic barrier is not able to prevent from rampant development of gaming industry of the country. Currently PWC researches make a forecast that gross receipts from gambling business in South Africa will rise beyond 2 billion of dollars already in 2021.

We would like to use one very interesting situation from Kenya as an example. Currently, the company My Lotto Kenya dominates in the field of lotto. It would seem that there is nothing special about this. Betting platform, and nothing more, but you will be definitely surprised by one fact. Averagely, more than million and a half of users who like sports betting visit their official web-site. Once again, what is so special about this? And the thing is that the number of citizens of Kenya is equal to 42 million of people, and only 28%, in particular, 11 760 000 citizens have access to Internet and, consequently, this company owns 14% from total number of Internet users in Kenya according to unofficial figures. That's impressive!
Make no mistake about it, but in our practice we met coaches with “special” strategies for winning in the national lotteries only in this country.
Don’t you believe? Do a Google search of smartluck.com and you will be as surprised as our editorial staff was. And if you will recall the rush with Western Lotto in 2017, you will easily make sure that Nigeria needs such phenomena as the lottery and sports betting.

Gambling does not have nationality, confession or diversity according to skin color. Gambling feeling is typical for each particular person. Being the suppliers of software for sports betting, we may guarantee and to declare confidently that the abovementioned statement is a fundamental truth.

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