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Script of the bookmaker’s facility

The concept of “betting” came from the English word “bet”. This is the process of making a bet the outcome of which depends on the game match result. The odd influencing on the prize is regulated by the sports-betting firm – website or bookmaker’s facility owner. The final amount depends on this person.

Script of the bookmaker’s facility

It is fashionable to make money off betting today. As long as the state does not prohibit such activity, the bookmaker’s facilities are opened every day. However, the law regulating the operation of the bookmaker's facilities may be adopted at any time. So, the creation of web page for doing own business in this field is an efficient solution. And for this purpose you will need the proper script including all details which will become the engine of the bookmaker’s facility.

What is the script?

Script is the license software for doing betting business. It is created in order to enable user to make a bet both prior to game event (Prematch) and during the match (Live). The gambler gains access to the personal account after registration, and he/she becomes a better. His/her purpose is to make a bet and to get profit. Such transactions are impossible without special bookmaker's script. The applications on the basis of the language of web-programs PHP for bets in the popular eSport disciplines enjoy popularity:

  • Counter Strike GO;
  • Warface;
  • Fortnite;
  • DOTA 2;
  • World of Tanks;
  • PUBG;
  • Overwatch;
  • League of legends;
  • FIFA 19 etc.

The advantages of betting

The gambling bet is the dynamically developing field. This business is classified as highly-profitable. The main advantages of the bookmaker’s online-facility include:

  • Absence of necessity to invest in office rental, monthly payments, salary of employees, and this is exceedingly profitable.
  • Minimum investments – you have to spend money for purchase of script, license for this activity, hosting and advertising. You can cut down your expenses by means of the franchise license purchase. In such a case the company – organizer undertakes the most problems.
  • Online-facility works day and night, and this makes it available for the customers from the various time zones.
  • The audience interested in bets is broad. Any person who has reached the age of 18 years may become the better and make money off bets.

Important components

You can increase the website accessibility for the most users by means of adding the opportunity to pay for services by all kinds of currency including cryptocurrency, and with the use of the popular payment schemes: QIWI, WebMoney, PayPal etc. You should also take care of the ways of withdrawal of means earned for acquisition of foreign clients. The simplicity and speed of prize getting is the key moment. Many scripts support special applications which you can download to your smart phone working on the basis of Android or iOS.

Additional features

Acquisition of the new users is the bookmaker’s working purpose. You may use the additional features integration for this purpose, for example, free predictions. Some websites do it for money. Not all users keep an eye on the rating of the teams, so they need some hints. And there are the cappers, people who are ready to make a prediction or give a consultation for the certain fee.

The template website shall have the well-designed interface. It shall include the administrative tools. The suitable script helps:

  • to manage the bets;
  • to change the odds;
  • to keep track of the statistics;
  • to make the lists of the gamblers;
  • to present the rewards programs;
  • to repay money to the gambler in the event of bet invalidation;
  • to arrange the promotional actions.

How to choose the engine of the bookmaker's facility

Currently many companies deal with the creation of engine which will enable not only to make betting automatic but also to earn profit. The entrepreneurs who want to start doing business in the field of bets may find it hard to make a choice. There are basic recommendations you have to adhere to in order to make your investment justified.

  • It is good if the developer proposes to run the engine on your server.
  • The availability of the built-in payment scheme in the script is the great bonus.
  • The website shall be multilingual for the users from all countries.
  • The regular free updates are the real advantages. Real Time is the mode updating the page independently for convenience of the users.
  • Security software warrants the safeguard of the means invested. There should be protection from the hackers.
  • Customer support 24/7 with competent professionals available for the users.
  • Possibility of code change without assistance or with the help of the software engineers from the development company.

Why there’s no use to have trust in the free applications

There are free applications which offer a great value and promise large income. Is there any use to have trust in such scripts? The software without investments can actually turn out to be the fake. The fully-featured, correctly created and smoothly running script can not be free. Its development requires manpower and time. You take the risk downloading the unfinished script. Such software is dangerous for use for a variety of reasons:

  • you may get the software with the incomplete administration functions;
  • the script will work irregularly and create problems for the clients;
  • unreliability and insecurity for the investments;
  • availability of the viruses and malicious applications in free files may result in the equipment failure and costly repair.

Tips for choice of the script developer

The requirements to the script on which the bookmakers work are rather severe. Trust only the tried-and-true companies to develop the script. These companies have to warrant as follows:

  • script customization for the customer needs;
  • additional services;
  • ready-made script implementation with no-cost consultations if necessary;
  • support for business by the professional software engineers at customer’s option;
  • multi-currency solutions;
  • flexible prices and personal offers.

It is prestigious and profitable to become the bookmaker’s facility owner. Conduct of this business is the exciting process ensuring the income upon cooperation with the tried-and-true licensed scripts providers. Have trust in the professionals and increase your income every day!


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