Section “Glossary”

Making money off the sports games gains popularity over the last years. The first-timers elated by the day-dreams of a fast buck go to the web-sites of the sports-betting firms and want to invest all accumulated finds. However, their dreams crash into reality. Sports betting is a special world with its professional language. You can get disappointed in the new method of earnings or lose all money quickly as a result of improper use without knowledge of this language. The bookmaker's vocabulary including all terms used today was compiled specifically for the first-timers.

Section “Glossary”

The official terms

There are three types of terms in betting: official, technical and informal. The terms of the first type are specified in the law of the Russian Federation. The betting field is governed by the Federal Law no. 244. It was adopted on December 20, 2006; afterwards the amendments were introduced several times. The definitions are specified in the article 4. They include:

  • the company arranging bets;
  • bet;
  • stake;
  • prize;
  • bookmaker;
  • gambler, better;
  • processing centre.

Technical terms

One of duties of the sports-betting firms is compilation of work rules and offer agreement. Many companies also write the basic definitions related to the technical aspects of betting. The section “Basic definitions and general provisions” includes the vocabulary related to:

  • profile creation on the web site, work with personal account;
  • bets acceptance, receipt of prize payout;
  • special aspects of betting according to the sport selected.

This section includes such terms as line, live, odd, straight, accumulator, system, freebet, pre-game. You need to know the popular tournaments and names of key players. You have to be clued up about the kinds of bets in order to understand the special aspects of betting:

  • bets on final result, i.e. winning or loss;
  • bets on winning with breakaway or certain results;
  • bets on the number of the balls kicked, points, periods in the game;
  • bets on the individual results of players.

Slang terms

The world of betting is full of the slang words understandable only by the professionals. They include:

  • the informal versions of the definitions specified in law;
  • the nicknames fastened to the top players and outsiders;
  • the names of rules and their provisions;
  • the description of the playing style or the betting strategy;
  • the words originating from the other languages.

The number of words in the informal vocabulary exceeds the number of words in the official one by far. Even the experienced gambler can master this language scarcely ever. However, it is very important due to the fact that this helps to read the complicated literature and forecasts from the professionals in the field of betting. You can participate in the topic-specific discussions. All of this raises the gambler's competence.

Needless to say, that the vocabulary study can not turn the first-timer to the professional. However, it will become the first step on this way. You have to know the terms necessarily if you decided to deal with betting deeply.

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