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SEO Promotion in the iGaming Industry 2022

SEO in the iGaming industry is a technology for promoting a gambling resource on the Internet. The most important manipulations are aimed at high listing positions in common Internet search engines.

SEO Promotion in the iGaming Industry 2022

When promoting an iGaming project, SEOs rely on the priorities of the target audience in a certain territory. Russian gamblers find information about online casinos on Yandex or Google. Americans and Europeans are guided by Google, Yahoo!, and others. People from Asian countries prefer to find information through Baidu and Bing. SEO optimization might be carried out both independently and with the help of specialists.

SEO Advantages

The set of measures has the following benefits:

  • There is an increase in the number of customers. SEO optimization has a comprehensive reach. Leading positions on the page with gambler search results can bring a gambler to the portal. A simple interface and a good range of entertainment on the gambler site make a visitor a regular customer.
  • Affordable cost relative to other options for promoting the product.
  • Durability. A well-executed marketing campaign can ensure the primacy of search engine positions for several months. Constant investment of funds to strengthen the results is not necessary. It is enough to periodically carry out the internal content of the website: publish links, useful information, and debug technical aspects.
  • Growth of image indicators. If the gambler platform is leading, then the confidence of the player’s increases. They visit the project more often, log in, and make deposits.
  • Legality. SEO promotion is a legal way to advertise risky entertainment. Yandex and Google settings have filters that restrict access to users from countries where casino activities are prohibited by the authorities.

How Online Casino Websites are Promoted

SEO optimization is divided into external and internal. The first is aimed at placing adequate links on third-party sites. These can be: various groups, chat discussions on relevant topics, news, and ratings. It is possible to establish cooperation with bloggers who will post a unique media product on their pages.

The task of internal promotion is to improve the ergonomics of the web service and its notification part. These measures include writing suitable titles and descriptions. Only well-filled sites with expert articles, videos, and excellent graphics can give a good sorting. There are no intrusive ads here. Online casino is different by:

  • security for subscribers;
  • speed of error correction;
  • increased speed;
  • adaptability.

How Online Sites are Evaluated

Evaluation takes place on the basis of specified criteria. If an iGaming project meets the needs, then it is provided with the first positions in search engines. And this, in turn, leads to an increase in the amount of online traffic received.

The current distribution factors in 2022 are the following:

  • Traffic accounts for the life and scale of the online establishment. Trust is caused by projects that work for one year. Traffic volumes are compared: transitions to the resource are carried out through browsers or by email, or social networks. Game production is taken into account.
  • Behavioral study of the actions of online players on the platform. The frequency of the appearance of new gamblers is taken into account, i.e., how often authorization and the first transaction occur upon completion of familiarization with the online resource. They look at the frequency of visits to the gambler project and the time spent on the site.
  • Commercial ones reveal indicators that increase the speed of the targeted act. It requires easy navigation. All content is present: license, certificates, FAQ section. Welcome bonuses for registration and deposit replenishment also activate the audience.
  • Text evaluations are based on competence, credibility, and reliability. The purpose of the page corresponds to its content. Garbage and intrusive advertising are not acceptable.

Trend 2022: Compliance with Google Algorithms

In addition to the traditional assessment, the latest filters are added that meet the current safety requirements, user comfort, and high-quality content.

Mobile First Index

This rating is aimed at the mobile application. This change is associated with 100% use of phones and tablets. In 2021, gadgets generated approximately 70% of the online stream, and computers only about 30%. But the Mobile resource still needs to be improved. For example, moving from sub-hosting m.site.com to a fully qualified domain name; otherwise, the provider will not receive a live stream. This lowers the position of the casino in the ranking.

Manipulations of specialists are aimed at:

  • faster downloads. The connection speed on gadgets is slower, and this leads to a reduction in file sizes;
  • adapted appearance (display dimensions, resolution, RAM size);
  • finalization of the design includes a comfortable layout of text modules, keys, and conversion details;
  • testing the capabilities of the Mobile application.

Core Web Vitals

The filter is aimed at analyzing gamblers and their reaction while using the Internet resource. The real information about visitors for the last 30 days is taken as the base. Website ranking is based on three criteria:

  • The speed of loading the main material. The search engine bot compares the main and additional information and assigns a specific score to the online platform. A satisfactory indicator is the loading period of 2.5 seconds.
  • Duration of waiting until the connection with the Internet project is established. Additionally included: the convenience of scrolling the page and the location of the main buttons (registration, depositing money, starting a demo version, etc.). The lower the expectation, the higher the possibility that a visit to a web resource will result in a conversion. The longest wait time does not exceed 3000 microseconds.
  • In the stability of the visual part, Google monitors how the components change when the page is scrolled, resized, highlighted, etc.

Page Experience

The algorithm determines the importance of websites with a high level of customer service. The method consists of metrics. The safety of the resource is ensured by the search for malware, unplanned downloads, etc.

HTTPS connection shows the level of inviolability of client information when transferring from your own device to the server of the gambler site. Consistently checks the SSL certificate provider and its activities under the global HTTPS protocol.

An analysis is being made to optimize a gaming website for launching on gadgets. Flaws are identified in the Mobile application.

Trends in SEO Today

The systematization of websites in Google is influenced by a number of tools.

The “E-A-T” principle implies the competence of the posted texts in order to avoid misleading the target audience. This doctrine is indispensable for news portals. For iGaming, it is optional.

To increase the indexation of the gambler platform, you should:

  • issue a subsection “About the online casino,” reviews;
  • increase the number of intersecting links, links;
  • register information about the specialists who wrote the article material for the game portal;
  • collect positive data about the gambling club on subject portals, popular websites, and other blocks.

Voice Search

The end of 2021 revealed that 27% of gamblers used specialized audio programs when querying Google. Accordingly, this year the number of users using voice search is only increasing. In this case, SEOs need to take into account the request conversational method. Here, elongated words and word forms are used. It is recommended to create a FAQ section with full answers to popular questions.

Micro Markup

A properly structured web resource can also increase your position in Google. Correctly submitted materials are responsible for submitting a positive snippet. A small paragraph is taken that most answers the question of the gambler. The snippet is deployed under the address of the online casino. Schema, Open Graph software is used for ordering.

SEO specialists also draw up such micro-sections as a product, reviews, FAQs, and blog posts. Micro-markup helps to take the lead in visitor queries. In addition, it takes into account the high quality of articles, the existence of adequate search words, LSI phrases, the reliability of the information, etc.

SEO promotion is characterized by effectiveness, affordable cost, long-term, and legality. SEO improves the image of a gambling project. Search engines are able to assess the gaming potential by streaming, business, characterological and textual features. Ranking schemes are constantly improving.

Today, the optimization of the gambling industry to the requirements of Google is typical. Important attention is paid to mobile applications, publication of reliable information from experts, and website security. Among the novelties used, one can single out voice search, the use of micro-markup, and the help of artificial intelligence.

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