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Which bookmakers occupy leading positions in the world ranking?

Dear friends, as everyone knows, the culture of betting and gambling has been flourishing since the time of ancient Greece, it is not at all surprising that today we are witnessing an unprecedented flowering of the betting business.

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And many of you are definitely interested in one question, why? Why the betting business is booming, experiencing one crisis after another. In this article, we will answer your question and look at the top five leaders in the global betting business.

Why are sports betting so popular?

First of all, the betting business is shrouded by many myths and legends that were transmitted from one generation of players to another, and despite the fact that many myths of the betting business have been dispelled for a long time ago, the tendency towards segregation of players is becoming more noticeable.

    Simply speaking, we can distinguish two key categories of players:
  • Amateur players
  • Professional players

Of course, we can argue for a long time that this sample is superficial and the segmentation of players is much deeper than we describe, so please consider that in this material we are not talking about marketing, but about consumer psychology, implying that “Players amateurs ”- ordinary players who enjoy the process itself, and“ Professional Players ”- perceive interaction with betting companies as a means of additional and in some cases their main income.

How can myths about the betting business influence its popularity? Surely everyone has heard of “forking”? This method allows you to find the difference in the coefficients between several bookmakers, which allows the player to bet on the opposite outcomes in different betting companies and to win in any outcome of a sporting event.

Today, bookmakers firmly suppress “forking” and cut the odds at the first suspicion of using this method, but this was not always that way, there really was a short period of time when many players used this “loophole” for their own benefit. Imagine what kind of excitement arises after the discovery of such a similar vulnerability among amateur and professional players? Human nature and healthy interests are invincible.

TOP 5 world’s best bookmaking companies

William Hill
A true veteran of the betting business, the company was founded in 1934 in the UK and has won the world-leading positions throughout its existence. Despite the rather average rates, the company's shortcomings are fully compensated by incredible lines, as well as the withdrawal of winnings without a commission.

The company was founded in 1999 in Austria, famous for its detailed lines of world-class sporting events. Of the minuses, we can distinguish that the company charges a withdrawal fee and has obvious problems with user support service.

The betting company from the USA, founded in 1998. It differs from its competitors in higher rates, but also has a higher minimum deposit, which will cost you twenty US dollars.


Asian betting company, founded in 2003. Benefits: you can list the minimum withdrawal of funds and decent odds. Of the minuses, we can distinguish a high minimum deposit and weak lines.


Very similar to someone, right? This company was founded in 2009 and is the youngest in our top list, but has a number of advantages. Despite its location - it has an excellent customer support service judging by the reviews, and the coefficients are calculated to the smallest fraction.

This is our subjective top of the world’s best-betting companies, which does not include bookmaking companies from the CIS countries, if this topic is interesting for you, we will publish the top list of bookmaking companies in the CIS countries!


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