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The Kazakhstan gambling legislation in 2021

The gambling business must be regulated by law. Gambling is a dynamically developing segment, and its activity must be in compliance with the ever changing market. Along with it, the legislative acts are also changing, striving to improve control over the activities of betting terminals and numerous bookmakers.

The Kazakhstan gambling legislation in 2021

Gambling business in the Republic of Kazakhstan: specificities

The demand for gambling in the Republic of Kazakhstan is great, it is considered a rather profitable form of business. Despite numerous restrictions, it thrives. The legislation of the Republic defines the concept of gambling business - it states that any kind of business activity that brings the owner an income from each win must be considered gambling. Several of its forms are well known, but require a license, otherwise they are not to be allowed:

  • casinos - the premises intended for games, with special equipment and trained personnel;
  • betting terminal and bookmakers - the places to wager the bets on sports, events from the world of economics, politics, culture. Depending on the outcome of the event, the probability of getting a prize, as well as its amount are to be determined.
  • slot machines arcades with classic, reel, video poker, electronic slots. This category also includes simulators - terminals without a win option (hockey, racing, driving simulators, etc.).

Amendments to the Gambling Code

Gambling business in Kazakhstan is being faced with innovations introduced by the parliament of the Republic. The peculiarities of legalizing gambling in strictly designated areas has been considered for a long time. The new instrument prohibits wagering bets on anything different from sporting events. Moreso, the new bill, which has undergone more than 150 amendments, contains the following terms and conditions:

  • Mechanisms of self-limitation of players have been introduced, allowing to prohibit them from participation in betting and gambling for a period of 6 to 12 months. It is possible to accept an application from family members and close relatives of the “gambling addict”, providing that there is a court decision stipulating the restriction of its legal capacity.
  • A betting center to control the turnover of betting firms and betting terminals, as well as to record and store personal data has been created.
  • It was decided to create two gambling zones: one is to be located in the area of the Kapshagai reservoir, and the other - in the Akmola region.
  • A ban on the use of any technical equipment for organizing betting activities has been introduced.

How to open an online gambling service

According to statistics, the number of Internet users is more than 5 billion people. Online casinos are considered a profitable investment to make a gain. Taking into account the latest amendments to the legislation of the Kazakhstan Republic, it is preferable to the opening the offline gambling. Before you open a betting site or a slot-playing site, you must follow the several important stages.

  • Buy a license allowing to organize online gambling, expand businesses and not think about problems with the law.
  • Conduct market analysis to offer customers the perks your competitors' sites lack.
  • Take care of hosting to protect against hacker attacks and to ensure the smooth operation.
  • Purchase high-quality software with a bright design, user-friendly interface and support of modern payment methods with bank cards / e-wallets.
  • Conclude an agreement with programmers to provide technical assistance to clients.

Development of the online gambling in Kazakhstan

The spread of the Internet has an impact on the entire business sphere, including gambling. Online gambling is a common form of query and one of the most profitable segments in the worldwide web.

The trend of the transition of the gambling business to online services is due to the legalization and tightening of control over such type of commercial activity. The Internet segment of gambling shows high growth rates. New technologies, an unlimited number of gamblers, the option of managing the site from anywhere in the world makes this type of online business highly popular.

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