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WebLima Gaming Platform by Inbet

WebLima by Inbet is a reliable software for the gambling business. It is a comprehensive set of tools for making profit from gambling on the Internet, whether it is a virtual slot machine hall or a sweepstakes. This software allows you to solve the issue of both launching a project from scratch and integrating it into an existing bookmaker or gaming portal.

WebLima Gaming Platform by Inbet

WebLima Features and Benefits

WebLima is not only a software for bookmakers from Inbet and online gambling portals. It is also a toolkit for land-based halls. We offer several options that are suitable for both full customer self-service and for varying degrees of staff involvement:

  • an interface for accepting payments and issuing winnings for the cashier;
  • a fully autonomous self-service terminal in a metal anti-vandal case with a touch screen that accepts funds and gives out prizes;
  • a simplified PoS-terminal without anti-vandal protection for installation both in ground-based halls and on the territory of partners. It only accepts payments.

The benefits of our software include:

  • quick start of work within five days after the application is submitted;
  • minimum requirements — our platform works even on relatively «weak» servers in the web version and outdated PCs in land-based casinos;
  • high reliability — portal mirrors are located on three hostings in different parts of the world;
  • functioning without «lags», «freezes» and waiting for downloads;
  • cross-platform — a mobile version of the site that adapts to the screen size of the gadget or a separate application for Android;
  • flexible interface — the user can choose one of the lobby options, loading screen design, as well as set an advertising banner, a list of games on the start window, a list of jackpots and bonus programs.

What's Included

The set automatically includes about 1000 game titles from InbetGames including

  • virtual slots;
  • roulettes;
  • video poker, video blackjack;
  • lotto and keno;
  • online betting.

The number of launches of each game is automatically taken into account to identify popular entertainment that will be displayed on the start page. Games from other developers can be added upon request. The range of products is selected based on the market and target audience in order to maximize player engagement.

Software User Interface

The user interface allows you to set, adjust and configure the following parameters:

  • multi-level progressive jackpot — its parameters, conditions for obtaining, it also can be shown on a separate page with the addition of attractive animations;
  • motivating prizes for players — their size, currency and other conditions;
  • bonuses — amount or percentage of replenishment, winning scheme and currency;
  • the name of prizes, bonuses and promotions, the design of the relevant pages depending on the concept of the casino;
  • loyalty reward system — player levels, their names, conditions for moving to a new level, graphic design, special privileges for high-level players;
  • animations accompanying a win, crediting funds to an account, receiving a prize or jackpot, as well as other events.

The site administrator has an access to detailed statistics on the work of the virtual hall and the actions of visitors. Data is collected, accumulated and issued in the form of understandable report. It is classified on financial transactions and turnover for a custom period; by the number and profitability of bets in general on the portal and separately by products to assess the feasibility of their stay in the casino.

The data is provided both in the form of tables and in the form of convenient and visually illustrative graphs for better assimilation of information. Analysis of financial and statistical data is necessary to maintain the profitability of the business.

Why Cooperation with us is a Good Idea

We provide reliable software for the gambling business like betting offices and online casinos. Our company offers both full development from scratch on a turnkey basis and «interception» at any stage. We are not only take care of all the technical aspects from idea to launch, but also continue to follow the project for the first time after the release. Our team always provides advice and support.

Software for bookmakers from Inbet is a way to profit within six months from the moment of launch. Features of our software:

  • Advanced technical support guarantees a prompt response to any question and resolution of a dispute of any complexity in the shortest possible time.
  • All activities are carried out taking into account and within the framework of the current legislation on Internet business and gambling in particular.
  • The software used is equipped with a full set of protection against hacking and other unauthorized actions of intruders.
  • We take into account global trends in the transition of online gambling to mobile devices, ensuring the cross-platform development of projects.

We provide a well-thought-out user interface that simplifies management. Its interaction does not require special training.

In addition, our list of services includes:

  • integration of a mobile application for devices based on the Android operating system;
  • promotion in the market;
  • bringing existing operating platforms up to date.

It is not difficult to start cooperation with us. The launching does not require serious financial investments and guarantees a high percentage of profit. Each of our clients receives free training in interaction with the platform, hosting and domain registration as a gift from us. We accompany the client from the idea to the start of stable work. Any case you can use the round-the-clock support.

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