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What's in store for online gambling marketing

Advertising of gambling can attract new gamers, but at the same time it may create some difficulties for the owners of gambling resources, as experts believe. The situation was especially aggravated during the pandemic. The problems also arise due to the fact that in Russia, like in most other CIS countries, the promotion of casinos and other gambling establishments is banned.

What's in store for online gambling marketing

The situation with the gambling advertising in the CIS

In the states that regulate the gambling industry, there are no problems of prohibiting the activities of online gambling sites. However, some restrictions still apply.

Studies of the casino market in the CIS in 2019 showed that in recent years the age of gamblers who have tried online gambling at least once has dropped to 14-16 years. This is due to the greater advancement of teenagers, as well as the development of methods for advertising the product. Despite certain difficulties in the CIS, the marketing of online games is moving on: new methods of promotion are constantly being selected, and a qualitative analysis of the target audience is carried out. This allows you to identify the needs of a specific category of motivated users. Advertising is generally aimed at an adult middle-class audience.

The top stars of the cinema and music industry, TikTokers and bloggers are regularly involved in the promotion of casinos and other online games. This allows expanding the audience of a particular company.

In order to avoid the development of children's gaming addiction, the governments of the CIS countries decided to restrict gambling promotion, as well as the platforms operation with them. In this regard, the participation of celebrities has become less active, advertising is shown only on certain pages. Of course, the operation of all such establishments is not terminated. The online platforms that comply with international rules and laws continue to legally exist and operate successfully. They must have a special license. For example, all online platforms with the software developed by Inbet, are licensed in Curacao. This allows them to legally operate in the CIS and EU countries.

If the situation has changed during the pandemic

Experts agree that the situation with the coronavirus epidemic can lead to increased state control over the operation of online casinos. This is due to a large increase in the number of new users in recent months - many people see gambling as an easy way to earn money, which is especially important now. For example, according to Yandex Wordstat, the number of online casino requests in March 2020 increased by 5.9% compared to February, and by 83% compared to March 2019. The main bulk of searches come from Russia, Ukraine is the second, and Belarus is the third.

Despite this, the gambling market, like many other areas, is suffering losses due to the coronavirus. This is associated with the growing popularity of informal markets: often due to clickbaity advertising, users prefer to use such services rather than those that have an official online casino license. In most cases, this results in a loss of funds and trust in the entire industry. In this regard, experts urge the legal gambling resources to focus not so much on the dissemination of advertising as on its quality, so that users can see a clear difference between the legalized and the black market.

Thanks to competent marketing, the gambling market in Russia is estimated at 1 billion dollars. The situation is the same in Ukraine. In Belarus, the figures are slightly less - 850 thousand dollars.

Online marketing of gambling in the CIS

Gambling markets are actively developing and therefore join the policy of responsible gambling. For example, let us consider the measures taken in Ukraine:

  • advertising can be placed and disseminated only by the licensed gambling establishments;
  • advertising cannot distort the intent of the promoted object;
  • the banner must contain information about the license;
  • the text and message of advertising should not be aimed at the citizens who have delays in physical or mental development.

In Russia, only legal types of gambling are allowed to be promoted, including the state lottery and licensed bookmakers. They can place advertisements both off-line and on the Internet. However, outdoor advertising can only be placed in the gambling area and on a small area nearby. However, there is more freedom on the Internet in this regard: the main thing is the correct design of advertising.

Online casinos can be advertised in Russia even if the license is obtained in another country. In this case, all legal issues are resolved in accordance with the laws of the particular country where such a document was issued.

In Belarus, the rules are quite strict, but clear. According to official figures, as of early April 2020, there are 111 organizations of this kind in the country. An online casino can be registered in Belarus using a security deposit. It is imperative to provide the tax authorities with the ability to monitor the turnover of funds. Moreover, the owners of online gambling sites must ensure that each user is identified. And starting from 2021, it is planned to completely restrict access to foreign sites of this kind, leaving access only to Belarusian resources.

Online gambling is usually promoted in the following ways:

  • through social media;
  • through search engines;
  • through affiliate programs.

Collaborating with bloggers is a common practice. This allows attracting more users aged 18-25.

Although in the CIS countries there have been some difficulties with the distribution of online gambling advertising due to the pandemic, the industry continues to develop. Illegal online platforms fade into insignificance, and licensed platforms are gaining popularity.


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