White Label Bonuses

The White Label reward program is an effective way to stir up the thrill of gamblers and increase your profits.

The developers have implemented various types of marketing tools into the gambling site. We are going to consider one of these tools variety - rewards - in more detail. By the mechanism of action, they can be fixed or depend on the actions of a gambler, for example, on the amount of replenishment. You can give a reward right away to the gambler's account, set up free spins or combine money and free spins. Obligatory settings are as follows: receipt conditions, currency, time of issue, maximum and minimum amounts, wagering conditions. The players can review all the rewards and their characteristics in their personal profile, where the bonuses be cancelled, if necessary. For convenience, set up automatic closing of the bonus, provided that the player's balance becomes zero (except for the final one and cashback).

White Label Bonuses

To get the most out of using the bonuses, please, arrange an information banner on the main page and inform the players about the conditions in the ways available to you.

To make rewards work and bring you profit, set up a wagering requirement - a wager (it can be set for almost all types of bonuses).

This means that in order to withdraw the bonus to the card or cash out, the gamblers must place bets equal to the amount of the bonus received, multiplied by the wager. For example, if a gambler receives a 100 dollar bonus, with a wager of 35, he or she must stake 100x35 = 3,500 dollars before receiving a real money win. The larger the wager, the more difficult it is to get back the bonus, and the less attractive it is for gamblers, so you shouldn't make the wager too large. On average, various resources offer from 35 to 50.

Let's talk more specifically about the types of bonuses that the White Label platform offers

Cashback bonus- a "consolation prize" in case of loss. Depends on the total amount of loss - the more the amount is, the greater percentage the gambler will receive on the balance (specify the desired loss thresholds and percentage accrued in the settings). You can set the period during which unsuccessful bets will be added (three days, a week, a month), and the exact time when all players will be given a cashback, for example, on Fridays at 17:00. Such a reward allows diminishing the negative side of losses.

Registration Bonus- funds or free spins (or a combination of these) that a gambler receives for registration on your website. A tool to encourage potential gamblers to create an account, give their mail and/or phone. In the settings, you can specify which contact must be indicated and confirmed.

First Deposit Bonus- encourage newbies to make their first deposit. Determine the percentage to be added to the player's deposit amount. For example, if they replenish the balance with 100 dollars, they get a 50% bonus, so total balance will be 150 dollars. The White Label platform makes it possible to set a different bonus percentage, depending on the amount of replenishment. This motivates to deposit more money. For example, a deposit of up to 100 dollars - a bonus of + 50%, a deposit of more than 100 dollars - get + 75% to the balance. Do not forget to set the wager. One player can receive this bonus only once; to track fraudsters, the platform has a multi-account protection system.

Bonus for the Second and Subsequent Deposits- encourages gamblers to make new deposits on your website. Just like with First Deposit Bonus, you can set a percentage to be added to the gambler's balance. Or you can use a staged system - the larger the deposit, the greater the bonus percentage.

Bonus for a Deposit with a Promo Code - your gamblers will receive additional percentages from their deposit when entering a special promo code. You can make individual codes, for each gambler separately, or you can make one for multiple use. Such promotional codes can be useful for tracking the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, or for giving "exclusivity" to your offer.

No Deposit Bonus with a Promo Code - a fixed amount and/or free spins that a gambler receives by entering a promo code, there is no need to replenish the balance. The promo code can be single-use or multiple-use. Such promo codes may be used as prizes in the tournament, for placement on leaflets, banners and other promotional materials. As a rule, the largest wager is set for such bonuses.

Final Bonus - is one of the most popular among the gamblers. When the balance reaches zero during the game, an amount equal to a deposit percentage will be automatically credited to it. This system can be made staged so that gamblers are eager to make more replenishment. For example, if the deposit is up to 100 dollars, then the final bonus is 10% (100 dollars + 10 dollar bonus), from 100 to 200 - 15% (200 dollars + 30 dollar bonus).
This bonus performs several basic useful functions - it stimulates replenishment, reduces the negative side of loss, extends the time of the game playing on your site, and therefore increases the degree of excitement. You can set a list of games where the final bonus is not applied, if the gambler's balance is zero when making bets in these games, he or she will not receive any reward.
There is a variation of the Final Bonus - Low Balance Cashback, which will work when the player's balance becomes equal to or below a given threshold. The percentage to be credited is calculated as the amount of bets minus the amount of winnings from the moment of deposit. That means if the bets were 1,000 dollars, and the winnings were 900 dollars, then the bonus percentage would be around 100 dollars. For this option - you can set the forbidden games in which bets will not be taken into account.

Personal Bonus Any of the rewards available on the site can be activated for individual gamblers. You can choose either one or a group of users who will receive additional reward. This type of bonuses can be used, for example, to encourage the gamblers who have not made deposits for a long time, or to choose the most active ones, arrange a VIP club for them with special conditions.

Among the marketing tools of the White Label platform, Tournaments can be distinguished. As statistics show, they increase the activity on the site by an average of 20%.
Tournaments give complete freedom for imagination, you can associate them with an event or a holiday, make them themed, select games that you would like to pay attention to, etc. First of all, decide on the prize fund, whether it is a fixed amount or amount depending on the number of participants (your amount + percentage of the bet, according to the jackpot principle). Fix the minimum and maximum amounts of a single-time bet (the smaller or greater amounts will not accumulate in the prize pool). The time of the tournament and the conditions for participation (telephone, e-mail, availability of a deposit for the period) are set separately. In the settings, set the principle according to which the prize fund will be divided between the winners, for example - first prize - 50%, second prize - 30% and third prize - 20%.
And the last but not the least - specify which games are participating in the tournament, you can turn on all slots or all betting ones. And you can, for example, arrange a New Year tournament dedicated to games with thematic, winter design. The tournaments may include the news on the website to introduce them to the gamblers.
Combine different types of marketing tools to improve the efficiency of your website. All of them allow attracting more regular gamblers at low cost, motivating them to make deposits, which means bringing more income to your online casino.

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