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Why Is the Gambling Business No Way Round CRM?

For the gambling business, it is not enough just to attract new reckless players to bring a regular income. You should also retain gamblers and effectively cooperate with standing users who bring profit to the startup. To do this, you should apply marketing solutions. User churn is the main problem for online casinos. Therefore, to attract customers and force newcomers to register an account, you have to incentivize them with bonuses.

Why Is the Gambling Business No Way Round CRM?

Why Is It Necessary to Implement CRM In Casinos?

The introduction of gambling management and automation services brings benefits not only to the casino startup owner but also to consumers. CRM for online casinos is considered the most popular and highly profitable. The software significantly increases the customer focus of the website, finds a personal approach to gamblers. While playing for fun or real money on the internet platform, players feel comfortable and exceptionally pleased.

The CRM system solves the following issues:

  • improving the understanding of the character of the visitor;
  • modernization of advertising policy;
  • introducing profitable options to attract and retain online gamers;
  • providing a high level of customer service;
  • cross-selling implementation.

What Is Included in Customer Relation Management?

The structure of the gambling industry’s coordination includes non-standard aspects that are influenced by the format of the institution, the requirements of the operator. For example, physical casinos include the installation of video surveillance in the halls. But digital entertaining platforms put the emphasis on the safety and transparency of financial transactions.

There are the following basic standards for the effective operation of the gambling software:

  • Reliability. The service ensures the confidentiality of clients' personal data and funds.
  • Convenience. Site navigation should facilitate the interaction of the main products with the solutions of the service system.
  • Gaming functionality. The online platform is capable of supporting as many games and services as possible.
  • Multicurrency. The more currencies and electronic money are supported, the higher the growth in site traffic.
  • Analytics. CRM systems must provide access to the analytical database, information about visitors to the web platform, and their actions.
  • Working with queries. Support services are needed for feedback with subscribers.

Requirements For the iGaming Industry CRM

The functionality of customer relationship management is constantly evolving. However, operators do not always use all available options.

The demanded software components are:

  • The accounting unit saves the complete history of transactions between the gambler and the online platform.
  • Automation systems are focused not only on the implementation of specific tasks but also on automatic processes (sending SMS messages, reminders of dates, etc.).
  • Sales control software provides the operator with an up-to-date sales funnel, which allows you to clarify the stages of the transaction.
  • Accounting and analytics are submitted online in the form of graphs, charts, tables.
  • To record incoming calls automatically, the software is combined with e-mail, website, and phone.
  • The service manages the organization of the work of the staff, as well as of the goals set for the staff.
  • Integration services. The API interface must perform many tasks: from connecting the 1C program to introducing corporate subsystems.

Customer Relation Management System Objectives

The main mission is optimization, automation of internal processes of the platform, development of a profitable format of relationships with the final consumer. The software components are used in two areas: collecting information and helping to organize business processes.

The software records the following gambling data:

  • how often the e-gaming platform is visited;
  • what games the user prefers to play;
  • the duration of the gaming session;
  • the amount and frequency of financial transactions;
  • the indicators of bets, losses, wins in online casinos;
  • preferred types of disputes among players;
  • the frequency of increased activity on the platform;
  • identification of optimal bonus bonuses.

This data is used to adapt the online platform to user requests, develop individual offers and predict further gamblers' behavior.

The main business operations are:

  • saving contact and personal information about the player;
  • monitoring of new users of the website;
  • sales increase;
  • construction of an active control system;
  • analysis of information and detection of visitors with positive potential;
  • assistance in interacting with the final gambler;
  • productivity (traffic, leads, and conversions) growth.

Popular Management Systems For the iGaming Industry

Since gambling platforms have special specifics, it is better to opt for specialized services adapted to simplify business activities in this area.

The most popular are the following tools:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud. Small-sized software includes such options: sales forecasting, lead generation, integration with messengers, customer base.
  • Zoho CRM. The best option for small businesses. If the number of employees does not exceed 10 people, the program is provided free of charge.
  • MS Dynamics CRM. It is a complex system. Fully supervises the sales department, technical support service, marketing programs.
  • AmoCRM. The system is suitable for small and medium-sized commercialization. It includes basic functionality.
  • Terrasoft BPMonline. Such software is purchased by large business representatives focused on investments in IT technologies.
  • Bitrix24. CRM functions are limited to internal communications of employees and the preparation of reporting documents.

CRM systems are a leading component for implementing business processes in the iGaming industry. The profitability of a business is influenced by the functionality and reliability of the chosen customer relationship management tool. All software functionality is developed to optimize gambling operations. This increases the player's “lifetime value” (retention rates also raise), that is, the amount of profit that the gambler won during the period of interaction with the gaming platform.

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