Lottery business in Kazakhstan

Lottery business in Kazakhstan - has a specific, but at the same time very beneficial character for entrepreneurs. Between the beginning of 2018 and the end of 2019, Kazakhstanians honestly won more than two billion tenge (about five million and one...

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The history of gambling

The thirst for easy profit is inherent for every person and it is not surprising that through the centuries and generations the humankind has not only not lost this trait, but also turned it into a special and fascinating kind of business. The history...

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Three credible arguments for playing lotteries online

Today’s world is a rapid evolution of technology. Time’s never seemed faster and more valuable than now. Imagine there’s no need to spend countless hours queuing but rather purchase an e-ticket double-clicking. Online services are progressively...

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Gambling business and its prospects in South Africa

Currently, South Africa holds a leading position in terms of gross revenues from gambling in Africa, if we take the statistics provided by PwC, we will see that in 2014 gross revenues of gambling amounted to more than 17.2 billion rand (11.5 billion...

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TV-GAMES. The universal betting software

In 2016, our company recorded a wide demand for live content, after which we almost immediately decided to develop our software. In the same year, our company has launched our betting program. So, let’s take a look at how does it work. TV-GAMES soft...

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